My Dream Pokemon Team

Pokemon X/Y looks like such a progressive change to the series. Let’s be honest, Black/White was a bit stale. Now look what we have! I began thinking about my dream team of Pokemon as I usually do on release days…or any day. My team has been the same for quite some time. I wonder if any of the new Pokemon will replace any of these. I doubt it! I love them all on a level that exceeds their virtual constraints.


pokemon01Jirachi – Sometimes I go back and forth if legendarys should be included on dream team lists. Perhaps as long as the entire list isn’t full of it! I actually did have a Jirachi in-game during Soul Silver. Gamestop had done one of their awesome events and I rushed to a store to get my favorite Pokemon. Alas, my DS was stolen along with my copy of Soul Silver. It still saddens me that my Jirachi is gone…

Togepi – Confession: I always have a Togepi in my team in-game, but I never use it. Generally, this baby Pokemon is kept around pokemon04(unevolved) because it’s cute. He always holds the EXP Share, but he never sees battle.

lucarioLucario – I cannot remember when Lucario crept into my life and became one of my favorite Pokemon. It was most certainly prior to it becoming a super popular Pokemon. I raised a Riolu and then evolved it into a Lucario. Ever since I spent all that time with the Pokemon in-game, it has stuck around in my heart. There are only a few Pokemon throughout all the generations that I can specifically remember training up.

pokemon02Milotic – There is not much to be said about this Pokemon except that it is absolutely beautiful. Much like Togepi, this Pokemon is in my Dream Team for pure aesthetics. I am darn sure that Milotic is the most beautiful in existence and I am willing to debate that.

Absol or Arcanine – Who can really choose just six Pokemon? I go back and forth between these two. They both deserve a spot on pokemon05my team. They both are absolutely cute. They both represent my favorite types of Pokemon (especially fire). If I could just have seven Pokemon on my team…just one more, please, I would be happy.


And finally…
GENGAR – EVEN MORE SO THEN JIRACHI I THINK I AM JUST IN LOVE WITH GENGAR. I am not a fan of Ghost Pokemon, but Gengar is incredible. I do not know when I just feel head over heels with Gengar. It was certainly not in the Red/Blue days because I did not have anyone to trade Haunter with to get my beloved. Nowadays Gengar is an absolute must for me.


What is your dream Pokemon team? Are you excited for Pokemon X/Y?


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