AHS:Coven Bewitches Wednesday Nights

ahsIf you find yourself in New Orleans, then it would be a good thing to stay away from those girls at Miss Robichaux’s School for Exceptional Young Ladies. You might find yourself dead.

American Horror Story is back! It’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween. This third season of the popular horror television show focuses around witches and is subtitled “Coven”. The aforementioned school is for young witches and has been around for centuries. It sounds much like a certain British school for magical younguns’, but with a dark, sexy twist. The girls learn how to hide who they are from the public.


Much like American Horror Story: Asylum, Coven has some familiar faces from previous seasons as well as inviting some of Hollywood’s top talent. Jessica Lange returns, obviously. As well as Tarissa Farmiga from the first season. She plays a young witch named Zoe in Coven and is very new to this dangerous, magical world. New talent includes Kathy Bates whose character brutally tortures slaves for their blood and Angela Bassett, who plays a voodoo practitioner.

This season has a noticeably different vibe from prior seasons. Perhaps it’s the voice over of Farmiga’s Zoe. Perhaps it’s the dark comedic dialogue that sprinkles through the episode. This shift in vibe gives the show a 1996 The Craft type of feel. It feels so different from the past seasons that it was a little off putting at first. Coven does deliver that classic American Horror Story WTF with several gruesome moments which makes this tone shift a bit refreshing.

Murder House (season 1) was a great balance of horror and mystery. Asylum strayed too far on WTF-is-happening. Coven seems like it will provide a sexually charged dark comedy that is appropriate for a show about witches.



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