Fall TV In Full Swing!

The leaves are turning gorgeous, rustic colors. The air is crisp and chilly. The days are shorter. The nights…longer. It’s Fall! This is an amazing season, but it also means that fall television is here. Fall TV always seems to be the big season. My DVR can practically keep up with all the shows returning for new seasons or that are brand new. The season has been in swing for nearly a month now so this is my attempt at providing a comprehensive list of all that I am watching. Some shows I started watching have already been dropped just to accommodate everything else!

*Organized by Network because that was just easier*

CBS: Obviously the number one show on my list is Survivor: Blood Vs Water. As a fan since the beginning, I can’t miss a new season! This season has past contestants pitted against their family members. Also, How I Met Your Mother is back for the final seasons. Finally, Ted will meet his happily ever after. Criminal Minds returns (which is probably my favorite crime drama) and Amazing Race is the last show to round out my CBS watch list.

Blood vs Water Castaways

Blood vs Water Castaways

CW: This network is always brimming with shows I want to watch. It somewhat caters to my 20 something, female demographic. The Vampire Diaries season 4 has started and also its spin-off, The Originals, premiered. Originals follows one of my favorite TVD characters, Klaus, as he returns to New Orleans. Arrow is back for season 2. I am ready to see more of Oliver Queen, one of my favorite DC Comics characters! Supernatural returns. I own every season of this show in legitimate (and glossy) box sets. It is safe to say I. Love. Supernatural. Lastly, a new show called Tomorrow People premieres. 

NBC: Very short list for NBC as I’ve already dropped one of its shows, unfortunately. Law and Order SVU started off its season with a well-acted episode and The Blacklist premiered. The show has an interesting concept about a criminal who helps the FBI catch other blacklisted criminals. Then, there is Scandal. ‘Nuff said.

The Blacklist

The Blacklist

FOX: Even shorter list for FOX. All I tune in for is Sleepy Hollow which is a new show that has captivated me. I love shows that feature a female protagonist, especially one that is a WOC! I also really enjoy the myth and legend that surrounds the Headless Horseman. This show has an interesting take on the subject.

ABC: Castle and Once Upon A Time both return for new seasons. Then there is Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, a spinoff focusing on Alice and Wonderland – my favorite fairy tale! Agents of SHIELD also premiered. This show, however, better pull out the stops because I am very close to dropping it.




AMC: American Horror Story Coven….YAY. American Horror Story is one of the few “horror” scripted shows on tv and it happens to be a good one. Of course last season was one WTF after another, but this new season has a huge female cast as it focuses on what appears to be a witches’ coven. I am super excited.

Nickelodeon: Legend of Korra has returned for a second season. I have such mixed reviews on this season so far, but that would take another entire blog post.

There you have it folks. This is a (near) complete list of everything I am watching…so far. It is almost a chore keeping track of everything listed here and a few shows not listed, but I have nothing but time to do so. This is the first television season where I have had so much to watch. I would not have it any other way!

Legend of Korra Book 2 focuses on animosity between the Northern and Southern Water Tribes

Legend of Korra Book 2 focuses on animosity between the Northern and Southern Water Tribes



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