Dragon*Con, Florence Comic Con, and UPDATE

Where have a I been!? My poor little blog has been neglected for far too long. Unfortunately life can drain any little bit of motivation out of a person. After Comic Con I went full speed into planning for Dragon*Con. It was quite emotional as I thought I would be unable to attend several times. Unable to attend Dragon*Con!? That is blasphemous! I am happy the trip worked out for me though! I could not imagine having to wait yet another year without my Dcon fix. I did a very lengthy write up over on Nerdy But Flirty (where I am the assistant editor). It was an awesome convention. Below I have included the vlog I recorded for that convention. I can not WAIT for next year.

Shortly after Dragon*Con was a first year convention called Florence Comic Con in Florence, South Carolina. I have been excited for this convention since earlier this year in about March. People were saying that was too early to be excited for a first year, small town convention but that was exactly why I was excited! Finally a convention within 30 minutes of me. Never would I have thought that would be a thing. So, I filmed a bit at the convention as well and the video is also below.

As for life updates, nothing really new for me. I have been on a social media break which has been quite wonderful. I like to take those when I feel I am getting way too emotional about others lives. That is one of the downsides to being so connected. It is hard to tell yourself that people DO NOT put all the negative about their lives online so just because they post a lot of positivity does not mean everything is sunshine and roses. Often I feel that I am the only one having it rough, but that just can not be true! The secret is to make it look like you have your shit together. Anyway, my conventions are pretty much done for the year and I have set my sights on 2014. I will be visiting Chicago in November to see my wonderful boyfriend and I honestly think the next big travel dates will be going back to Chicago for C2E2 in April next year. I am unsure about PAX East unfortunately. it is sad that I may have to miss it yet again, but I’m not dwelling on it too much.


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