San Diego Comic Con 2013 – first year!

My journey to San Diego Comic Con was a bumpy one as was my return. I am still quite new to flying to events and what used to be exciting has turned into an unsightly chore. I dealt with pushy US Airways representatives, delays, the horrid Charlotte Douglas airport, and immense turbulence. Even still, I made it to and from San Diego in one piece and had a great time at Comic Con.


I wrote a “30 Things to Do Before 30” list on this blog before. Going to Comic Con was the last thing I needed to do to complete a thing on the list. There is quite the misconception on the internet of how I got to attend the convention. Ubisoft, of course. About a week before the convention the amazing Frag Dolls said they needed more Cadettes to work the variety of places Ubisoft had at Comic Con. Six total locations at the event hosted a multitude of upcoming Ubisoft titles. I have been a Cadette since Spring 2011 and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I highly suggest any women that want to work in the gaming industry to look into their acclaimed Cadette program. Yes, we get paid to demo games!


The Jack Daw pirate ship was docked in the marina behind the convention center. This was my “office” for Comic Con weekend. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag is the latest entry in Ubisoft’s AC franchise and they brought an actual pirate ship to freaking Comic Con! All weekend Frag Doll Sabre and my other fellow Cadettes helped run the multiplayer demo of the game. Fun, fun experience. The Jack Daw also had devs showcasing the single player demo, lots of pirates roaming around, a photo booth, weapons demonstrations, Todd Macfarlane signings, and so much more. There was no need for me to be worried about people finding the ship because the line was long all weekend.

2013-07-20_17-41-19_HDRI also got the opportunity to demo Splinter Cell Blacklist at Aisha Tyler’s gaming lounge. Yes, I got to meet Aisha Tyler!!!2013-07-20_14-59-29_HDR This was the best part of my weekend because I love her so much. I even got to attend one of her private parties at the venue where she DJed a little bit. Also, free food and drinks! I do not think I brought any food during the day at Comic Con because I knew I could get some at the lounge. Splinter Cell Black List (single player) was also pretty awesome to play. I learned that I am not the greatest at being stealthy in video games although I kind of already knew that.

The convention itself is MASSIVE. I somewhat “half” attended considering I was working “offsite” and did not have a badge for the actual convention. I managed to borrow a badge from a fellow Cadette and checked out the show floor twice in small intervals. I did not see the entire floor because I made a beeline to the Mattel booth to try to grab an exclusive Monster High Doll. Failed mission. The exclusive struggle is very real at Comic Con.

The show floor and areas surrounding the convention were obviously very crowded all weekend. Blame my ex-law enforcement mentality, but I do not like crowds. It is still awesome to see so many people interested in the same stuff I am. I also saw a ton of really amazing costumes. They weren’t comparable to Dragon*Con, but there really does not seem to be enough space to bring your biggest and bestest costumes to such an intense event.

San Diego Comic Con is an event that I would like to try again without working, but I can already say that I could not attend it every year. It seems like too much of a hassle albeit a fun and exciting hassle. I loved meeting everyone that I did and loved how excited everyone was for Assassin’s Creed Black Flag!


20130720_150304 20130719_154435 20130718_113200


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