My New XBOX Press Predictions


The console war is amping up as we head into E3 early next month. Microsoft is ready to throw down what they’ve been cooking up at a press conference in only a few hours and, boy, is the anticipation high.

Not only is the conference being streamed in several places such as IGN, TwitchTV, and GameInformer, but it is also being shown on XBox Live AND Spike TV. Microsoft has been relatively quiet even after the Playstation conference earlier this year. The only major thing that has rather upset their calm, cool, and collected demeanor was the social media break down of ex-creative director Adam Orth attacking his twitter followers about the concept of an Xbox that would always have to be connected to the internet.

Other then committing console suicide by making an ‘always on’ Box, I will be surprised by anything Microsoft shows us today. The only thing that i think they need to do is show the actual console. Sony has been teasing their console heavily since their conference, including releasing a teaser trailer for it just this past weekend. If Microsoft really wants to stay neck and neck with them going into E3 then show. the. damn. console.


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