Con Report: Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) 2013!


c23202Knocking “attend large scale comic book convention” off of my bucket list, attending C2E2 in the appropriatelyc2e2 named windy city of Chicago was an interesting adventure. It involved waking up ridiculously early, flying to another time zone, navigating a city by public transportation, getting in a verbal scuffle with hotel staff, and then having a blast at an event that was perfect for me. 

I do not know exactly what I was expecting from this particular convention, but I got more then I bargained for. C2E2 is HUGE. That is probably an understatement. It is a massive event with a large hall containing exhibitors and artists. There is several panel rooms as well. The McCormick Place is a wonderful venue although it is not visually appealing in the sense of finding potential photoshoot locations within it’s walls. C2E2 also had an extraordinary guest list that seemed to continue getting bigger as the convention got closer. Unfortunately Adam West had to cancel shortly before the convention. 

Typically when I visit a convention for the first time then I do not really do much besides walk around and take it all in. This is how C2E2 went for me. Friday brought out a “small” crowd – small used very, very loosely. For this small town, southerner that is used to the tiny cons on college campuses, the crowd seemed really large on Friday. I got used to it fairly easily and was able to navigate it.

This…left me completely unprepared for Saturday.

c2e203Saturday was a mad house. Con goers are always used to crowds growing on Saturday, but there was such a vast c2e204change between the amount of attendees on Friday and the amount that packed the convention floor on Saturday. I was completely thrown back into my overwhelmed feeling as I battled immense crowds. 

Con-goers were absolutely friendly! I got several compliments on both my Batman outfit and my Black Widow costume. I’ll admit that I was nervous for weeks about cosplaying at such a large event. The costumes were impeccable there and I was not sure how I would measure up. But cosplaying at C2E2 reminded me how much fun cosplaying is supposed to be. It reminded me of earlier years where no once cared about your cosplaying resume and just enjoyed what you were in at that moment. 

Returning to C2E2 seems like an absolute must for me. I certainly want to experience this event a second time. 



9 responses to “Con Report: Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) 2013!

  1. Wow! Girl, you are surly a world traveler! I am jealous! Look at you in your batgirl suit! *Highfives*

  2. Ha! Didn’t know you were local. Small world. You can’t see me but I was sitting behind the Poke family. Well, I guess I’ll see you around C2E2.

      • Ironic! I moved to Myrtle Beach to escape Illinois, where I grew up. Winter sets in for more than half the year, and all the lifeless-looking landscape that comes with it, and dealing with snow, and the expense of living there combined are just NOT worth it. Have you ever driven in, or shoveled, snow, slush, or ice? Have you had your car destroyed by rust in like 5 years from all the salt they blast on the roads to keep them from icing up? Blew through 30 minutes of gas just letting it warm up in the driveway so the windows will stop frosting over instantly (if it started, because batteries die 3 times as fast in the cold)? Those don’t sound like hassles I’d ever willingly sign up for again, but then again I could understand how ‘the grass is greener’ the other way around.

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