Bioshock Infinite REVIEW

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You don’t need me to tell you that Bioshock Infinite is amazing. It is all over the internet how awesome the game is. Rightfully so. The game is remarkable from the characters to the storyline to the FPS gameplay (and that is coming from someone who does not particularly care for first person shooters).

bioshock infinite02

Story is truly what gets me sucked into most single player video games. Being a picky gamer, I need a complex story that keeps me pushing forward to see exactly how the game ends. This is rarer than it should be. There is only so much a linear story can tell me. Foreseeing that the main character saves insert world from insert “bad” character is never satisfying regardless of any twists or cliffhangers. Bioshock Infinite provided me a story that made me want to know more.

It is 1912 and you are Booker DeWitt, disgraced Pinkerton agent turned private investigator. In order to pay off a debt, DeWitt is sent to  Columbia to bring back a girl – the intelligent and supernatural Elizabeth. Columbia is a city in the sky led by “The Prophet” Zachery Comstock. Of course this is no simple rescue mission. Booker and Elizabeth are met with much opposition and are even caught in the middle of a civil war. The story is even deeper with Elizabeth’s ability to tear open rifts in time.

bioshock infinite

Not only does the story remind me of a well-crafted movie, the gameplay isn’t too shabby either. There are several difficulty settings including the ultra-difficult 1999 mode. For someone that does not play FPS, Infinite made it very accessible. There are a variety of firearms in the game making most bioshock-infinite-to-be-preceded-by-prequel-novellaof the achievements/trophies related to how many kills you get with a particular weapon. Vigors are also available. These are supernatural powers gained by drinking what seems like a potion and ranges from the fire throwing Devil’s Kiss to the flock of birds Murder of Crows. There are eight Vigors in all. They can be used in combination with each other and can be leveled up just like the weapons in the game.

Typically the thought of an AI companion is met with groans of dismay. Majority of the time they prove to be so useless, but Elizabeth is so darn helpful it is almost unbelievably. In the moments that I did not have Elizabeth I was incredibly frazzled. I needed her. Elizabeth takes care of herself and, essentially, takes care of you. She throws you valuable assets in the heat of battle like ammo and health. She can also lock pick doors and safes found throughout the game.

Bioshock Infinite has reinvigorated something within me that I thought I had lost since 2011’s Catherine – a strong love and desire for video games. I loved them, but I want a game that leaves emotional scars on my heart. I want a game that makes me think about it for months (even years) afterwards. I want a game that becomes a defining moment in my gaming history. Infinite is all of that. I have already ordered the artbook with plans to order a replica Sky Hook and the Songbird statue. I want everything having to do with this game. Irrational Games and Ken Levine has unearthed something deep within my heart – my soul – and I am just thrilled to have had this experience. It has made me thoroughly excited about video games again. bioshock01


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