Kick Ass 2 trailer and posters!

Kick Ass 2 is coming in August 2013! The sequel to the 2010 movie, Kick Ass 2 is the adaption to the comic of the same name. The trailer reveals more then enough new super characters, but also gives us a look at the kick ass (see what i did there?) characters from the first movie. The trailer was released a few weeks ago and these awesome posters, accompanying the trailer below, were leaked last week.

Many negative comments have surfaced surrounding Hit Girl feminizing Kick Ass negatively while training, but when doesn’t Hit Girl come with a bit of controversy? You can not please everyone. Kick Ass was never meant to please the masses. The trailer is exciting, featuring some familiar faces like Jim Carrey and Morris Chestnut.

kickass01 kickass02 kickass03 kickass04 kickass05 kickass06


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