Sony Playstation 4 Announcement!

Can I get a late pass? A week ago Sony officially announced something that all avid gamers already knew anyway: the PS4. Whispers of the next generation of electronic entertainment have been on the lips of everyone for a couple of years now. However, there is nothing more exciting then the senior level execs finally letting it out the bag that, yes indeed, a new generation is coming.

And coming pretty soon too.

The conference ended with a “Holiday 2013” tentative release date. Whoa. That is even a little early for me. I hypothesized before purchasing my PS3 that the PS4 would be out as early as late 2014 or early 2015.


Personally, the conference was everything that I wanted in a conference. They were all business from the get go. They knew that their audience knew that this was all for the Playstation 4 so they jumped right in without a lot of fanfare about it. We got to see a lot about social networking and sharing with the console (which I was not that interested in), the new controller (which I actually think looks great), and a host of prospective titles (which I enjoyed somewhat).

The most exciting thing was the Watch Dogs demo. A title that most have been anticipating news on since E3 2012, Watch Dogs is an Ubisoft title that we all wondered if it would be next gen. Although I want to get my hands on that game, I fear that my impatient will make me dislike it.


As a Vita owner I was also thoroughly impressed with how the PS4 and Vita will interact with each other. Nintendo fans scream foul on this idea (saying it is similar to the Wii-U and it’s “gamepad”), but, really? Y’all going to go there? The Vita released a year ago in America and it always seemed like Sony’s grand scheme was to allow it to act as a secondary screen to it’s consoles. The PS3 has limited remote play and they are just expanding it further with the PS4. They’re not forcing the Vita on anyone, although, I would recommend you all to pick up one. It is a beast of a portable.

Killzone Shadowfall looked spectatcular

Killzone Shadowfall looked spectatcular

It is no question I will getting this console. As a Sony fan for many many years, I love the company so much. From the game consoles to the game portables to the cameras, I seem to be diehard when it comes to Sony. I think if Sony just came on the stage, said PS4, and ended the conference I would still grab it during this upcoming holidays.

The actual console remains to be unseen as does an exact price and release date, but there is this little event called E3 where Sony will need some form of ammo after nearly revealing everything at this most recent conference.


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