Playstation teases an Announcement!

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Sony, you tease.

Recently Sony released a nifty teaser video announcing an announcement happening on February 20th saying they’re going to show us the future. Immediately everyone’s minds jumped to the possibility of the official announcement of a successor to the Playstation 3. Code named “Orbis”, the next generation of consoles have been rumored since the Wii U’s announcement at E3 2011. Media aficionados have jumped at any little rumor and, now, it finally seems that all heavy hitters will be entering the next generation. This is a very exciting time as social media will be aiding in the launch of new consoles. Gamers can connect with each other even easier then when the past generation was released. Hopefully the Wii U gains some momentum because I am definitely rooting for it, but Sony’s Playstation has a firm place in my heart as well. I think they will tease us on the 20th instead of giving away too many details especially with E3 so “close”.


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