Are Collector’s Editions Worth the Cost?

To get my feet wet writing for other sites again, I recently wrote this article about Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch over on GamingTRUTH. It is a very unfortunate situation that these gamers won’t be getting this coveted collector’s edition. It does look pretty sweet. After watching an unboxing of it, I kind of wanted to grab it myself until I heard all the mess that was going on with it.

It all got me thinking about Collector’s Editions of games. Some are awesome. Some are questionable. I, however, have yet to buy one. For one thing, I am such a late adopter when it comes to…well, anything. Typically I am so unprepared financially to join in the hunt for fantastic, limited editions. Also, the fact that I can barely fit any other collectibles in my room means that I (literally) have no space for most of the things that come in these special editions.

Even still, I am fascinated by Collector’s Editions. I wait to see what is going to be in a particular games edition just to see if, just maybe, I will pop that CE cherry. Below are some of the announced CE’s for some of the anticipated titles of the year.

CE CE02 CE03

So, are Collector’s Editions worth it? Obviously the question is answered different by each individual. Personally, I would only get a CE if it affected me on many levels of my fandom like the Injustice Gods Among Us pictured above. It is no secret I love comics, I love Batman, and that statue would look great among my other statues. Exclusive codes, DLC, or books do not really get me going as much as brilliant statues that can become a talking piece. especially when the price is right. In this economy (are we still blaming the economy for everything? Is that still a thing?), getting your money’s worth is of the utmost importance. Before I ever click “Add to Cart” on any CE, I definitely how to decide whether the end cost is worth it. Typically, it seems so.

So, I have yet to decide whether any of this years announced CE’s are worth the hassle that it seems to be surrounding obtaining them. Although….that Wonder Woman/Batman statue…It is so awesome.


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