The ‘Minority Report’ of Anime: Psycho-Pass

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There are three anime genres that I am constantly drawn to. No matter what, it always seems like I fall head over heels in love with the series. I know what I like. I wade through the new releases with the knowledge that I know myself better than anyone and can choose what I will like just based on premise alone. So when Pyscho-Pass landed on my tumblr feed, I was intrigued. psychopass01

Pyscho-Pass combines some of my favorite live action genres and rolls them into a nice animated form. Not only is this science fiction, it is also a crime drama. It is an expert blend of Ghost in the Shell and Minority Report. Taking place in psychopass03the near future, devices called “Psycho-Passes” have been installed in every citizen. These devices measure a person’s “Crime Coefficient”. Whenever this number is high, a person is either paralyzed for further questioning or exterminated by lethal force right on the spot. Enforcers, select criminals, and Inspectors, police officers, take out this task with a special firearm called a “Dominator.”

Already I have seen creepy bears, Lesbian undertones, and a man’s body literally exploded. Not to mention the lead male character makes me swoon in the dramatic way only an animated character can cause me to do.
Psycho-Pass can be watched on I recently downloaded the Funimation app for my iPhone for ten bucks. I could do an entirely seperate review on how dissatisfied I am with the app, but I allow it to constantly crash on me just so I am able to watch Psycho-Pass wherever I want.

The anime certainly seems to be an acquired taste. It may take some getting into because, after an explosive first episode setting up the plot and characters, the anime has slower cases that are all connected, but not too interesting.
I am definitely going to continue watching this anime because it is just weird enough and just underrated enough for me to enjoy it without the hassle of a large fanbase ruining it with their memes.



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