New Costume: Black Widow from Avengers

It is always very satisfying when a costume is finally complete. Typically, making a costume is a long process. You must chose the right materials, the right wig, the right makeup look. You must decide when and where you will wear it. The completed project, however, is always great. The feeling of accomplishment washes over you and you can not wait to show it off to everyone. Even though my parents are probably mortified that it has been twelve years and I am still playing dress up, I am gracious to have a wonderful support system with other cosplayers and friends. For the past few years I have been feeling a bit burned out. It happens. Twelve years of doing something is not without feeling like you want to quit sometimes (or often). 2013 feels different already. Like I will definitely get my groove back when it comes to cosplay.

My recent costume is Black Widow from Marvel Comics. She is actually my first comic book costume…and she is not from DC/Batman!? Originally the black suit was going to used for Catwoman, but I would rather pattern an Arkham City Catwoman suit. I decided Black Widow would be an excellent substitute. I modeled my version after the Kotobikuya line of statues. The wrist gauntlets (which need to be remade) are doll pins painted golds. The belt are wooden circles painted and then attached to a belt. This costume was quite simple, but that does not make it any less fun to wear! I took pictures at the Florence, SC Veterans Memorial Park which was a fitting place for Black Widow.

Below are some of the pictures that I finally got edited for Black Widow. This is the first photoshoot that I have had in over a year so there was a lot to be learned – like not leaving the timestamp on the photos!



DSC00688 DSC00707 DSC00710


4 responses to “New Costume: Black Widow from Avengers

  1. Fab costume!!! Where did you purchase the catsuit? I’m a curvy girl like yourself and I am struggling to find a suit like yours.

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