My Gaming Backlog – yikes!


Happy DmC release day!

This is the first game I am excited for in 2013! Everyone has already set the game up to fail, but I am confident that I will have an enjoyable time with the new (hot) Dante

Any time I am deciding to get a new game, my ever growing backlog makes me cringe. There simply is just not enough time to balance gaming with my other hobbies and social life. Unfortunately that does not stop me from buying games to fit playtime in wherever I can.

I decided to pull all my back logged games off my shelf. Before I dive head first into 2013 new releases, I wanted to at least see what games I still want to tackle in my small – yet steadily growing – collection.

photo (2)

First, my favorite game from 2012 – Dishonored. How remarkable when a game releases that isn’t a sequel, franchise, or reboot of some kind! I definitely want to continue assassinating people with extraordinary abilities on my quest for revenge in the hauntingly stunning city of Dunwall. I want to devote more time to this game because it captivated me from the get go. The variety of ways that it can be played mixed with the supernatural abilities bestowed on Corvo Attano, the protagonist, early on in the game make this a must play in my library.

Still in the shrink wrap is Assassin’s Creed 3. Probably my most anticipated game of last year (besides Lollipop Chainsaw), I clearly brought it at the wrong time. The holidays got incredibly hectic and I was unable to even open it to sniff they new game smell. Assassin’s Creed Liberation, another of my back logged games, has at least been open, but after playing a bit of it I encountered s glitch. I’ve yet to return to the game to see if the glitch was game breaking. Lets hope not.

assassins creed

My Nintendo 3DSXL is newest gaming device after not wanting the original sized portable. Last game I completed on it was the fun game Adventure Time. Now I just need to complete Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, Final Fantasy Theatrhythm, and Style Savvy Trendsetters. It is probably a good thing I have no plans to buy any new 3DS games this early in the year, but didn’t that trailer for Pokemon X/Y (October release) look fantastic!?

There are other, older games that I also want to finish (pictured above). I certainly need to put time aside to game each day. Perhaps if I actually wake up before noon I can get things accomplished.

Cheers to a new gaming year!!!


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