Youtubers To Watch – The Homeless Heroes

I spend more time then I would like to admit on Youtube. Since 2005, my freshman year of college, I have been a member of the website indulging in everything from dance videos, to gaming walkthroughs, to cat videos. Youtube has launched careers for people – opened doors. It is an amazing creation (if you don’t read the comments section which is unwritten rule number one of Youtube). I have my own channel which I do not promote as often as I probably should due to my lack of decent camera.
But this is not about me. This is about the youtubers I have found and fell in love with.
I almost forgot that The Homeless Heroes, the art and rap duo of Travis Set and Jerrell Johnson, do not have as many subscribers as I thought. They are way too awesome! So as I typically do, I sought them out to get a little interview and learn a bit more about them. If you have not checked out their channel, what are you waiting for? Nostalgic images accompanied by matching, original rap lyrics make these two a must watch.
I will be completely honest – I am obsessed with the pair. They should be invited to every convention and subscribed to by every youtuber. If you do not believe me, just check out some of their videos. I am glad they agreed to a quick little interview with me just so I can spread how amazing they are.
Butterfly: Would you consider yourselves nerds, geeks, or neither?
Set: Ummm, welll lol sorta kinda. I mean, We don’t consider ourselves to be nerds but we’re into a lot of things that would qualify us to be nerds. We just may be nerds and not even realize it. lol
HomelessHeroes02Butterfly: How did The Homeless Heroes get started?
Jerrell: Well, we met each other back in……..2008. I was a huge fan of Set’s art before he even knew who I was. It was crazy because he was a fan of my music so that was like a big surprise. So in 2008 we did videos on myspace, and then in 2009 we started doing little comedy sketches on YouTube here and there. Around Feb of 2011 Set was like “You know what? We should just make a random video of us doing what we love to do” and we’ve been saving the world every since!

Butterfly: Do you attend any comic or pop culture conventions? If so, which ones? If not, WHY NOT?               Set: Nooo, we haven’t but we would LOVE to. We just never really had the chance to go to an event like comic con or MegaCon. We really love comics and just about everything that has to do with  art whether it’s video games or OBEY. We have been invited to a Star Wars convention personally from George Lucas which was really cool.

Butterfly: How do you come up with what will be painted and rapped about
Set: We just paint/rap about whatever we are feeling/missing at the moment, or what our subscribers are requesting…..
Butterfly: So much nostalgia going on with the 90s cartoons. Would you say your childhood influences The Homeless Heroes?
Set: Oh Yea! Absolutely but at the same time we are like big kids any way lol. I mean, we love bringing back that feeling of being a kid again. You don’t really have to act like a kid but you can always feel like one. Things were much simpler back then. We were fortunate enough to have a childhood.
Butterfly: How did y’all come up with The Homeless Heroes name?
Jerrell: Well lol it’s kind of a long story but I had a song out where I said “Sleeping in a box like Hancock, I guess that he’s a homeless hero” I was referring to the character from  the movie “Hancock”. He was a hero but he was also homeless. He really couldn’t find his place in the world I mean, he was stopping trains and saving lives but he just couldn’t fit in. I felt like I could relate to him so I said to myself “Man, that would really be a cool name for an album”. Well, one day Set and I were driving back to my house trying to figure out a name for ourselves. I said “Why won’t we just call ourselves “The homeless heroes”? Set loved the name and it just sounded cool. When people here the name the immediately wanna know the story behind it. This is only a smidget of the story but that’s the just of it.


So, there you have it. Now go subscribe because you are truly missing out if you do not. Thanks Set and Jerrell for the interview. We should collab sometime. Not that I can rap, sing, or paint…but I could always be a pretty face in a costume lurking in the background.


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