Player’s Choice – Myrtle Beach, SC

pc08South Carolina is definitely a blackout state when it comes to all things geeky. If its not camouflage and confederate then it probably does not have a place here. I’ve grown accustomed to seeking out my geek fix outside the Palmetto state so whenever I come across an amazing geek place I feel it is my duty to all geek kind to share it.

Walking around Myrtle Beach Mall the day after Christmas, I spotted s classic NES controller being used as signage above the door to a store. Immediately I veered in its direction. It was called Player’s Choice. The store was filled with video games, comic books, movies, figures, and geeky apparel.

I was in love.

Imagine going your entire life with very few comic book stores around you. Imagine stumbling upon something do fantastic when you were not even expecting it. That’s what this was like.

I talked to the manager of the store and discovered that it had been there since March, a subplant of a store in Shalotte, NC. I was thoroughly intrigued how such a marvel made it to South Carolina. I purchased two items that completely put me over budget and made s note to come visit the store again someday.

pc07 pc06 pc05 pc04 pc03 pc02 pc01 pc


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