I Want Nylon on my Bum – Black Milk Wish List

Black Milk has really taken over the female geek community. It is probably due to their inclusion of several geek properties over the last couple of years (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, video games), but the Australian fashion company has stormed through, leaving an impression for their expensive nylon. I own two pairs of BM leggings myself with plans to buy more in the future. Moreso for me then anyone that happens to read this blog, I needed to create a wishlist of these amazing leggings. Seriously, they are the comfiest things I wear on my legs. They make me never want to buy real pants again.


Already sold out in my size (BOO) are the Barbie Spewed on Me, a brilliant  array of pastel colors. When BM limited leggings are sold out in your size, they’re gone unless BM decides to bring them back. As a newer Sharkie as of earlier this year (Sharkie being the term BM gives for its loyal customers and fanbase), I just realized that “limited” also means “gone bye bye” when sold out. I made the mistake of ordering non-limited leggings before I ordered my beloved Police Box Leggings.

A Black Milk staple, the Galaxy leggings keep coming in more and more colors. It is imperative as a Sharkie to own a pair of Galaxy leggings. I have chosen the Purple ones. The colors are incredibly pretty.

And the Rainbow ones are pretty darn nifty too.

As a huge Doctor Who fan, these are what finally made me want to buy some Black Milk leggings. I had known about the company forever, but thought of it too expensive. Then my eyes laid on these. And it was love.

Too bad these are sold out in my size. Hoping to find someone selling them in an L.

The most amazing leggings ever. I have gone back and forth on whether to get these. Personally, I think some of the placement is a bad choice including the ridiculous size + placement of Yoda’s head. Now, these have moved to the top of my list of “Things To Buy.” Poor Luke’s head is right by the crotch.

These…I need these. The Shredder Leggings are AMAZING. I already have so many outfit looks planned for these if I am lucky enough to get them.

Because Barbie is sold out, there is the alternative of getting these – Skipper Spewed On Me. Not as amazing as the Barbie ones, but still pretty cool. 

The Matte Black Suspenders…No explanation needed.


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