Tenth Anniversary! ~ Black Cosplayers thread on Cosplay.com

tenMy cosplay journey started with a hope and a dream….completely unaware that, in the world, there were others that shared that same dream. I wanted there to be a place where black cosplayers could come together without fear of the harsh judgement they faced through the community. I wanted there to be a place where they could discuss anything from what shades of blondes fit their skin tone to racist comments that cut deep to the ever present issue of should blacks cosplay “white” characters.

About two years into what seemed like a failed cosplay mission, I finally created s thread to find other black cosplayers.  I was desperate in a sea of white faces. Having yet been to a convention, I was panicking that this hobby was not for me and I would never succeed. Fourteen years old and impressionable, I nervously made the post in hopes I would not be ridiculed. It surprised me when top cosplayers of that era posted and pointed me to black cosplayers.



The rest is, as they often day, history.

Now, the Black Cosplayers thread is ten years old. An entire decade! It is potentially the oldest active thread on Cosplay.com. Many memories were forged through that thread. Many friendships were made. It was as if I pioneered a community that was nonexistent…it was my greatest dream realized.

The rise of social media has damaged forums to an extent and the reaches of the Black Cosplayers thread has become less necessary as a black cosplayers vehicle into this world, but I still credit that thread, that community…that family as shaping my views of the cosplay world as a whole. There is no way I’d still be doing this hobby if it was not for that thread.

Happy Tenth Anniversary, Black Cosplayers thread.

Below are Cosplay.Com users who have posted 10+ times. Thanks so much to them and everyone that has ever posted in the thread!

blackcosplayers01 blackcosplayers02 blackcosplayers03 blackcosplayers04 blackcosplayers05 blackcosplayers06 blackcosplayers07


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