‘Django Unchained’ and 2012 Movie Wrap-Up

I love movies. I used to write for a blog called Get The Big Picture and also called myself the “Cinema Diva” for a short (and embarrasing) amount of time. Once I touted myself as being a movie blogging pioneer trying to break into the big newspapers reviewing movies. Then it became appararent that I did not particularly like reviewing movies because I did not enjoy watching movies I knew I was not going to like simply to review them poorly.

I just wanted to be the blogger that could fangirl over movies I enjoyed immensely.

django02Django Unchained
was one such movie. It ends an amazing year for films. Quentin Tarantino is my second favorite director (second only to the masterful Christopher Nolan and proceeding Tim Burton) so I was already excited about this slavery era filmed with a promising story of slave-turned-bounty-hunter. Throw in the fact I love westerns, Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DicCaprio, and many more of the cast and I went into this movie knowing I was going to love it (as I do love going into movies without mixed feelings). It was great that the plot was questioned by many reviewers and that Tarantino defended/explained it himself to clarify things. In actuality, I did not think the movie was bloody enough. I know, I know…it was plenty violent and bloody. But I was expecting more.

Would it be weird if I just cosplayed a Fem!Django all next year? I wouldn’t change any of his green/brown outfit, but I just want to be a badass.

Dredd 3D  was probably my second favorite movie I seen. Adapted from a British comic and a reboot of a former live action, Dredd was so amazing from start to finish. I am a huge comic and sci fi fan, but was not familiar with Dredd dreddbefore going into the theatre. Yet another violent movie that I was in love with. There is something about futuristic, inner city crime that makes me throughly interested. The slow motion sequences were so trippy that I felt like I was on drugs in the movie. Karl Urban, Olivia Thrilby, and Lena Headey had such amazing performances.

But what would a movie post be without mentioning The Dark Knight Rises. I actually managed to write a review about this movie on this blog because – as we all know – I am a huge, huge, HUGE Batman fan. Althought now I can look back and agree that TDKR could have been better, it was a good way to end a trilogy from my favorite director. Other Batman properties (Nightwing) are being rumored and then there is of course the potential Justice League movie, but I know that Nolan’s trilogy will always be number one.

Ending this post will be a list of the other movies that I absolutely enjoyed this year – Looper, Total Recall, Bourne Legacy, Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, Rise of the Guardians, Wreck It Ralph, Cabin in the Woods, Brave, and darkknightRed Tails.


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