Finally! Mortal Instruments trailer!

I discovered the Mortal Instruments series when City of Glass, the third book, was just released. I devoured the first three and then patiently waited for the fourth book. Now, there are five books in The Mortal Instruments and two books in the prequel series, Infernal Devices, with a third coming next year.

Then I learned there was going to be a live action movie.

As any fan of a “hidden gem” series, one that is not entirely mainstream, I begin to fret that the series would get way too huge and the author, Cassandra Clare, would become way too big for her fans (she actively posts on both tumblr and twitter! I do not know many author’s that do that and interact with their fans!). Now that the trailer is out, I am so excited for the movie! It seems quite faithful to City of Bones, the first novel in the series. I’m not sure how the actors will age if they continue to film every book of the series, but they seem to fit the characters for this first movie.

I also love how the end of the trailer encourages everyone to read the books!

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is out August 23rd, 2013


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