Black Widow Costume Progress!


Yay I am making good progress on my Black Widow Costume! The black suit was originally for Catwoman, but there were so many people I know becoming Miss Selena Kyle that I thought being a Russian , ginger firecracker would be much more fun. It has been over a year since I have made a new costume so it was great to get back into the game with something so awesome.

Although the live action Avengers movie was such a huge success, I chose a classic Black Widow design. Overall, this is very similar to the Kotobikuya statue that I would love to own:

I originally was making the belt of this version as well, but I rather like the classic Black Widow belt so I went with solid gold instead of black with gold edges:


Honestly, I have no where to wear this right now! The next comic convention I am attending is C2E2 which is located in Chicago, Illinois in April. I have about two other costumes planned for that convention. Before C2E2 I have PAX East where I want a video game costume to make. I have been very indecisive when it comes to what video costume to make. There are so many awesome ones! My next post will be about all the costume options I have at the moment and trying to choose which one to make for PAX East.

But until I make a decision, there are certainly things I would like to fix up on Black Widow. I certainly need to remake my bracers. They are currently using a black elastic band with velcro. I actually broke them filming a quick video yesterday! Back to the drawing board.


2 responses to “Black Widow Costume Progress!

  1. Hi! I love your costume! Would you be willing to make and sell another set (or the one you’ve already made) of the belt and bracelets?

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