“Batgirl: Spoiled” Scene Gets Internet Talking

Web based series offer something innately magically. Oftentimes they are fans coming together and creating a work for other fans. Sometimes they are truer then big budget creations. All of this is true about Batgirl: Spoiled, a YouTube web-series featuring Stephanie Brown and her evolution from Batgirl to the Spoiler and has also been rumored to feature some of her Robin roots.

The first episode was put on YouTube on October 8th and there are several behind the-scenes episodes to accompany viewing it. One of the highlights of this episode was certainly the dialogue. Marisha Ray depicts a comical Batgirl with an outstanding relationship with Oracle. Highly enjoyable conversations between the two, including a mocking of The Penguin, actually got me to laugh.

Spoilers Under the Cut. You’ve been warned

However, the episode takes a darker turn immediately after the lightheartedness  Only around twelve minutes long, it is understandable for the episode to change so drastically but not only was I disappointed in the direction it had taken, the internet backlash for said direction is a bit blown out of proportion  I am personally disappointed, but still completely excited to see more. The internet asking the creators to change their work is a bit asinine.

There is an attempted rape scene within this episode. With this being the first episode, it is a disappointment for something to happen so early on. I am not upset about an attempted rape scene because it was mildly tame compared to what has happened in other comic books/films (i.e. Watchmen’s attempted rape was absolutely horrible). There are tons of people that are very upset at the scene. Rape is not ok. Violence is not ok as well, but is never questioned.

I do not think the scene added anything to the episode and was rather unnecessary  That is my only criticism of it. It did allow Batgirl to be saved by some unlikely, familiar faces which gets me super excited for the next episode.
Batgirl: Spoiled is certainly a web-series I am excited to follow. I can not wait for episode 2 and to see where this series goes.


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