So long, Farewell – Nintendo Power

My surviving issues of Nintendo Power. All from 2000 – March, July, August, September, and December.

Every gamer must have read Nintendo Power. It’s been a standard gaming magazine since it began in 1988. A year younger then me, this magazine is my Irish Twin. Being a Nintendo fan throughout my entire life I used to beg my parents for an issue whenever I was in the grocery store. I only have I’ve issues left that have survived my reckless childhood (pictured above).

My heart goes out to the staff of the magazine as publication will cease and the last issue will hit stands December 2012. All the memories created for the gaming community throughout these 24 years are noteworthy as NP was always a go-to magazine when it came to the vibrant world of Nintendo. As a girl on a quest for gaming journalism domination, I fully appreciate what the staff has done over all these years. Bravo.


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