Collecting Rent in ‘Monopoly Hotels’

I currently have a love and hate relationship with a little smartphone game called Monopoly Hotels.

When I first decided to download this game, it was completely against everything I want in a smartphone game. Monopoly Hotels is a game for iOS by Electronic Arts that was to compete with Tiny Tower by Zynga. I do enjoy Monopoly Hotels better then Tiny Towers FYI. MH combines elements of the Monopoly board game with the aspect of building hotels and collecting rent from the tenants.

This game runs on real time which is perhaps the reason I am torn as to whether to keep the game or not. Finding joy in waiting minutes, days, or hours to collect from certain tenants can make it frustrating to accumulate Monopoly  dollars to continue to buy more of the creative rooms and bigger hotels. Upon first playing the game, I was only able to stack my hotels with cheap rooms that would allow to collect rent fast, but the rent was so low that it was slow going in buying other coveted rooms.

You are not necessarily building hotels in Monopoly Hotels, oh no, you are just filling it with pre-developed, themed rooms. This is perhaps my favorite part about the game. I love to collect stuff so attempting to get at least one of every room is the best part of the game. There is a large variety of rooms ranging from standard rooms (such as a “Cannon Room” featuring a war scene with a guy using a cannon) to licensed themed rooms like My Little Pony (I have the Rainbow Dash room) and GI Joe (aiming for the Snake Eyes room as soon as I can!) Some of the rooms can be purchased with Monopoly Dollars or Gold.

Dollars can be collected by receiving rent from the various tenants or caught as they fall from the sky. Rent must be collected at certain time intervals and if a player wishes to be strategic they should use various formulas to decide whether or not a room is worth placing in their hotels. Here is a formula I have found online: Room Value = Rent / #minutes / room space. I have started to use this in determining whether a room is necessarily worth it. As a person who wants one version of every room, however, I sometimes forgo the formula in able to get one of every room.

Gold is a little trickier then Dollars to obtain. This makes it such a horribly frustrating aspect of the game that it is almost not worth it. Gold can be received through completing the challenges which are easy to finish at the beginning levels of the game, but becoming difficult as a player grows in level. Challenges are about collecting  a list of certain rooms or decorations in one hotel. You only get about one or two pieces of Gold for most challenges completed. Gold can also be brought…with real money. This is the only way to even get the amount of gold needed to get the item or room that cost the least amount of gold. So if a person does not want to spend real money to get gold there is no way to get every room, hotel, or decoration that the game has to offer. There is also no way to finish every challenge as some require certain rooms that cost gold.

Monopoly Hotels has a sleek and colorful look. with several creative rooms and hotels that make for an enjoyable gameplay. However, the rarity of Gold and the lengthy waiting periods to collect cash makes for frustrations.


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