A Salute to Netflix Discovered Television Shows

A while back I wrote about how I canceled my Netflix subscription. Recently, I got Netflix back, but not for its less then stellar movie selection. No, I got it because it had Doctor Who. For about two years I have avoided getting bit by the time traveling, sci-fi bug that is this UK born phenomenon, but it was only a matter of time before I become romantically addicted. I am in love with the show. Going against my rebellious intent of not being subscribed to Netflix allowed me to also discover (and rediscover) some great television shows. Here are the shows I am watching – some I have finished – on Netflix.

Netflix currently has Seasons 1-6 of this amazing sci-fi show. This Doctor Who is the newest incarnation of the series which started in 2005. Prior to that, there were other seasons of Doctor Who cementing it as a classic television show in the United KIngdom and, now, internationally. The series’ seventh season begins this fall and looks nothing short of amazing.
The show involves The Doctor, an alien called a Time Lord who travels around in his spaceship (the T.A.R.D.I.S) with a companion who is typically a pretty, British female who gives up her family and home to travel with him. Each episode The Doctor and said companion can end up in the past, present, or future to thrwat whatever antagonistic thing is going on. Case in point, one of my favorite episodes deals with a little girl trapping people in drawings. How crazy is that!?

On a completely different spectrum then Doctor Who is Pretty Little Liars. This show takes place in a town called Rosewood which has been obsessed with the dissapearence of a young, pretty, bitchy teenage girl named Allison. Her four best friends – quirky Aria, socialite Hannah, intelligent Spencer, and althletic Emily – start recieving texts and messages from a mysterious ‘A’ who knows all their secrets.
Netflix currently has the first two seasons of this show as the third season is currently airing on ABC. I love teenage dramas! PLL has so much drama and plot twists that it’s enough to keep me interested. Also, I get really emotionally invested in the show which makes it even more intense for me. I can not wait to finish season two so I can hopefully start catching season three as it airs.

Weeds is a rediscovered favorite thanks to Netflix. I used to watch the show all the time, but fell off. I decided to start watching it again and I remember why I love it. Weeds takes place in the suburban Agrestic. The mother has to start selling weed in order to maintain her lifestyle after her husband dies. However she still has plenty of problems to overcome which makes the show super interesting.
Netflix has up to season six and I think season 7 has aired on Showtime. I also like this show because it is one of the few thirty minute television show that exists! Nowadays everything is nearly an hour long and oftentimes I can not fit in an hour to watch television intently. Weeds feels like something I can watch quickly, but still covers so much in thirty minutes. Some shows could learn a great deal from it.

I remember watching the pilot episode of The Vampire Diaries when it aired on television and then never returning to watch another episode. At the time, I was a complete Twihard. I dismissed the show as a copy. Now that I have taken the time to watch it, I am head over heels in love. Unlike Twilight, it seems a bit more mature and realistic. There are also so many plot twists that Twilight and other Vampire stories have failed to do. I can not wait till I am able to read the books.
The series follows Elena, a seemingly normal girl who is trying to get back to life after her parent’s death. She meets Stefan and, eventually, his bother Damon. They are both vampires. The plot seems simple, but the show has several twists as many secrets are unraveled. I am knee deep in season 1 (Netflix has two seasons and season 3 has aired) and so much has happened that I can not believe I am still only on the first season. I can not wait to see where the story goes.

I rarely watched television when I was in highschool. I was very busy with extracuricullar activities and also heavily into anime. Battlestar Galactica originally started airing in 2004. I have wanted to watch it for several years and finally have my chance. Netflix has all 76 episodes of this series and I am giving it my customary 3-5 episodes before deciding whether to continue it. While I have enjoyed the first two episodes, I am trying to decide if I can see myself watching this series to the end. It had completely grasped me as other series on this list have. However, I have heard such good things that I am willing to try.


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