Cool News: Ouya Console surpasses Kickstarter Goal

With a pledged goal of $950K, the upstart tech firm Ouya received over $1 million of its first day on Kickstarter. The project? A gaming console powered by Android and hoping to bring gaming back to the living room where so many gaming memories have been formed over decades. The console, which is a super small cube, will be very inexpensive and all games will be free – or at least free to try.Ouya’s plan is to have the console available in the first quarter of 2013 which would put it’s release a few short months after the Nintendo Wii U, which will be around $300.In the never ending console war, this is interesting news. Can Ouya be a competitor to the Goliaths of gaming like the XBox 360? Will it just be another console struggling against the giants of the industy? Is it something completely new that will stand on it’s own without much competition? Whatever the answers may be I am curious to follow the production of this!


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