My Thoughts on ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Prison

Today Walking Dead comic fans got their first glimpse at a very privotal setting for the earlier issues of the comics: the Prison. Like Hershel’s farm, the prison setting becomes a bit of a character in itself providing what appears to be as safe haven for our weary, zombie apolcalpyse survivors. Appearences are not always as they seem, however.

Not to be a comic snob and spoil it for those that are just watching the show, I will not say any more about what actually goes down during the prison arc of the series. I will just remain secretly giddy. This is my absolute favorite part of the Walking Dead series. Of course with the way the tv series is going I am not sure if it will prove to  be the same way to me on screen. It’s not like the glimpse we got at the end of Season 2 didn’t look like a prison. Just these new screens leave much to be desired.

Nonetheless, I am excited for this new season and can not wait to see more. As an ex-officer, I am SO READY to see some inmate zombies heads being shot. That is going to be so satisfying as I have daydreamed many times that my prison was the one in Walking Dead and the inmates were zombies…so that I could – well, lets not go there or I’ll incriminate myself.

I am not too impressed with the pictures that have been released. It does not really seem like a prison, perhaps because I have spent many months in a prison and expect to see something a bit similar. This “prison” looks like some warehouse. Obviously we are not seeing much of it so I have high hopes it will look as expected.

And because it just does not seem right making a Walking Dead post without mentioning Michonne:



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