Dear Gamers\Sincerely Butterfly: My response to Aisha Tyler’s “Dear Gamers” Letter

I officially fail at not posting anything about the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo. During the entire week, I was completely glued to my television so that I did not miss a second of anything. It was quite different watching from the couch instead of being at the show, but I feel that watching from home allows you to know every little thing that is announced instead of hearing it after returning from the Expo like I had to do last year. All in all, I really wish I had been in Los Angeles.

Instead of talking about all my favorite announcements in this post (Watch Dogs! AC:Liberation! ZombiU!), I will be posting about an issue that seemed to come about after the Ubisoft Press Conference. That “issue” was the fact that Aisha Tyler, my Geek Spirit Animal and pretend big sister, has received a lot of backlash for hosting that has resulted in her creating an open letter responding to all the criticism.

For those that do not know who my wonderful muse is, Aisha Tyler is actress and comedian. She was Charlie Wheeler on Friends which is where I first discovered her. She also voices Lana Kane of the incredible animated show, Archer. She has even lent her voice in two major video games, Halo: Reach and Gears of War 3.

I find it absolutely, utterly ridiculous that she has to defend herself as a gamer.

A quote from her open letter:

I play.

I’ve been playing my whole life.

I’m not ashamed of it.

I don’t apologize for it.

It’s who I am.

To the core.

I’m a gamer

I can relate wholeheartedly. There was once a time when I was not involved in the social or community part of gaming. It was not because I was some anti-social hermit, but because I had people to actually sit on the couch with to game. After that all ended, I sought out the gaming community. Since I have started declaring my gaming whenever I can, I have often felt it was necessary to defend myself. It became explosive last year when someone said I did not “deserve” to go E3 because I was not a “real” gamer. This was not even some online troll, but someone I considered a friend.

Why must women have to defend their selves as gamers? Why must we not only be as good, but better then males just to prove something? And not just better at one game, but ALL games. As soon as we fail at something it completely erases any good that we have done in some male gamers eyes? Oh, I just got more headshots then you, but because you juggled me in Street Fighter I’m automatically just a causal gamer. Hey there, I solved most of the puzzles in Portal 2, but because you solved one that I could not I am now defending myself to you. (These are all real life situations, by the way)

So to all the haters out there who claim I don’t play;

To the GAF dicks,

Gamespot trolls,

To every illiterate racist douchebag on Youtube:

Flame away. Go nuts.

Post every jackass comment your heart desires.

I’ll still be playing when your mom’s kicked you out of her basement

and you have to sell your old-ass console

and get a real job.

I think I’ve earned my Gamer creds long before it became popular to share every single time you play a game. I earned it spending months on a DDR pad or leveling up my Charizard past 100. I earned it marathoning Kingdom Hearts 2. I earned it by owning every console. By devouring every bit of gaming news.

I’m sick of defending myself. I’m going to play regardless.

I was super happy to see Aisha Tyler on stage for the company I interned for. Not only is she a female gamer, but she is a black female gamer. This gives me all the hope in the world.


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