“DMC: Devil May Cry” Gets Release Date!

At first, I was quite apprehensive about Dante’s new look. His white, anime-styled locks were gone and replaced by the emo-black short haircut of this rebooted Dante. But as I watched the production and development of Ninja Theory’s DMC: Devil May Cry my fragile mind begin to shift. This new Dante is hot.

I think after the initial shock (and looking at some pretty awesome gameplay footage), new Dante is slowly growing on the Devil May Cry fandom. At least I know it has this fan girl all flustered and excited.

Now comes the slightly disappointing news. While I was hoping to dive into the world of Limbo City in 2012, it looks like I’ll have to settle for an early 2013 date. January 15th to be exact. There are not many games I am anticipating this year and it seems all the ones that I was excited for are all going to be on next years roster. Yes you too, Tomb Raider! I’m a patient butterfly, however. I will wait however long I must for awesome, action games.

Also recently introduced to me was the heroine of this rebooted DMC. Her name is Kat and I will be the first to admit that she is super cute.

She is no Trish. She is no Lady. But she is adorable! No need for a buxom, scantily clad woman in this Limbo City. I love Kat already just because he design is so unlike other video game women. Between her and the rebooted Lara Croft, I actually have faith that the industry is going to be making amazing women with realistic designs. PAX East 2013 costume? I think so.



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