Assemble! – The inevitable ‘Avengers’ blog post

It is not a particularly surprising fact that Avengers assembled at the box office this past weekend and disseminated it. Not only did it score a whopping $18.7 million at midnight showings allowing it to gain the number one spot for superhero movie to do that, but it also made $200.3 million domestically. Add that to the $178 million it made over seas and it is safe to say that Avengers is a pretty big movie. Joss Whedon is laughing all the way to the bank.

***Oh look, I wrote something without spoilers. Enjoy!***

Picking up where last years Thor and Captain America ended, Avengers focuses on Thor’s adopted brother , Loki and his narcissistic viewpoint that he absolutely must rule over someone. So Loki has set his sights on having all of man kind bow before him in a classic comic book villain move. Aided by the tesseract and a large alien army (with giant, flying leviathans), cunning Loki seems to have the upper hand on  all of humanity.

Insert the Avengers, a collective team of mighty heroes put together by S.H.I.E.L.D and one-eyed Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson). They have been brought together to bring down Loki (Tom Hiddleston), inevitably saving the world. For now. The group consists of Captain America (Chris Evans), Iron Man(Robert Downey Jr), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), and Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

This most amazing part of this movie was, obviously, the huge New York City fight scene that led to the climactic end. The epic battle that nearly destroyed all of Manhattan is probably one of the reasons the country is abuzz about The Avengers. Seeing not just one, but several superheroes on screen is just incredible – especially when all of them gets a decent amount of screen time. That was one of the things that worried me about a movie with such a large team-up. When I first watched the movie, I did think some of the heroes got a bit slighted in screen time. Upon a second viewing, I felt they each got a good bit of time although Iron Man and Captain America got the most. Of course they would, however, because they are probably the two characters that appeals to the widest audience.

Dialogue is an important part of any movie. The Avengers had some of the best dialogue in a superhero movie to date. All of these actors and actresses embody their characters so well that it felt that they delivered the lines so naturally. The movie wasn’t short on comedic lines that had the audience laughing or even the subtle mannerisms of Hulk that were hilarious.

For coming out the first weekend of the summer movie season, I suspect that Avengers will do very well for quite some time at the box office. There is not anything coming out particularly soon with the manpower to unseat it. There has been much debate about what could and could not do that, but I will save my own speculations for another blog.

Oh, and might I add how disappointed I was that no one yelled “Avengers Assemble!” There were so many perfect moments and I wanted it so badly that the second time I watched the movie I yelled it myself.


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