PAX East – Two Cons, One Day!

Saturday was the day I actually attended the convention. I woke up and watched my standard cartoons and then got dressed in my Litchi from Blazblue costume. I headed over to the convention as was impressed by how huge the show floor was. Compared to PAX Prime, I think I liked how East was set up a bit better. Although still as crowded as the Seattle show, all of the East show floor was in one huge room that could be seen from atop the escalators as a wonderland of flashing lights and bustling crowds. I found the walkways to be more spacious then Prime (or as spacious as they can be with so many people still packed into them).

I did not cosplay at Prime so I was not really expecting what happened at East. Everyone seemed to like my Litchi costume which made me a proud cosplayer as I worked really hard on that costume over a year ago by drafting my own patterns, creating accurate shoes, and avoiding the wardrobe malfunctions that happened at Dragon*Con 2011. People took pictures with and of me. Comments ranged from an elderly woman calling me beautiful to guys calling me “sexy”. The best moment was standing with three Taokaka cosplayers for nearly 30 minutes getting waves of photographers. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my years of cosplaying! It’s the appreciation of people like the PAX East attendees that make you want to continue to cosplay. It’s motivation enough to try to create amazing things. I was going to retire Litchi, but I’m thinking of making her even more awesome for future events.

Honestly, I did not touch a controller the entire time I was at PAX. I was too busy taking in the sights and hunting down all my friends. It is totally different not working a convention then working one. I can not decide which one I would rather do. While working I never seemed to have enough down time to explore, but while just attending I found myself wishing I was working instead. Attending can get quite lonely as you get lost in the ginormous crowds all by yourself. But I was also able to do things I wanted to do like check out Borderlands 2, meet Jessica Nigiri, and watch the Assassin’s Creed 3 gameplay demo. I was not really on the hunt for swag like I did at previous events, but I did actually buy two tshirts I really wanted.
After changing out of costume, I walked around the convention a little more. I ran into some cosplay friend I had not seen in atleast two years! I also ate expensive convention food. The burger was like nine bucks, but was not worth the price. It was delicious on my empty stomach, but not nine bucks delicious. I then met up with yet another friend and we hung out for a small bit. That afternoon everyone seemed super busy with a variety of things so I pretty much just was left alone to my own devices after a while. I guess that’s what I get for not attending the convention for work or with a large group. I decided to hop in a taxi and go across Boston to the Hynes Convention Center where Anime Boston was taking place.

I had originally planned to attend Anime Boston on Friday before planning became ridiculous. So, after the $18 cab ride I ended up at the convention anyway on Saturday night. I walked around to the Sheraton hotel since this convention had some pretty tight security. You were not getting in without a badge, thats for sure. The convention center was connected ot the hotel and a mall. Since cosplayers and attendees spilled out into these other two venues, it was not neccessary to actually enter the convention center to see the people. I was pretty much there to visit the Artist Alley, but was too late for registration. So I waundered around and took pictures of the cosplayers. I was not overly impressed with the costumes that I saw at Anime Boston, but I have not been that way at anime cons for a couple of years. Even still, I ran into some costumes that I enjoyed seeing that made my little trip to Anime Boston really enjoyable.

I returned to an empty hotel without any texts from my PAX East going friends. It was a pretty lonely Saturday. I did not attend the Rooster Teeth party nor the Curse Party which was going on in my own hotel. Instead, I treked to the 7 Eleven (where I ran into some stylish dressed people. Boston surely dresses how I love) and then settled into bed with a large slurpee, some Sour Cream potato chips, and Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End playing on television. Perhaps I can say that was research for my future Tia Dalma costume. I eventually fell asleep only to wake up at 4 am to get a hotel situation settled. I caught a cab at about 5:30 am so that I can make my 7 am flight back to the Carolinas. I was welcomed home with some fantastic sunshine since I had spent my entire weekend in Boston bundled up attempting to get warm.

Favorite group! Ao no Exorcist!

Ryoko and Tenchi!

PAX East was such an amazing event although it was shortlived for me. It would be amazing to attend PAX Prime but unfortunately there is no way I am missing Dragon*Con, which would be the cheaper event to attend anyway. I can not wait for PAX East again next year, though, which will be planned exponentially better then I did this year. My next event will be my annual visit to Animazement in North Carolina, but my mind – and heart – is still in Boston.

Claptrap says THE END


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