PAX East – Wheels Down in Boston + Party Woes!

On Friday, April 6th, I arrived in Boston unfashionably late for my first PAX East. After Prime this past August, I was hooked on the event. It had quickly become my favorite event only rivaled by Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia. Unfortunately Prime and D*Con ended up on the same weekend this year so my only option to get more of the wonderful Penny Arcade Expo was to make the trek up north for East(er). Yes, PAX Easter became a bit of a joke amongst us hip, video game con-goers considering the unfortunate scheduling that landed the event on Easter. It is the first time I have missed Easter with my family, but I think they understood how important it was for me to get to Boston.

Planning for PAX East was a nightmare. I booked my hotel, the Seaport Boston, back when the blocks first opened up in November, but did not get a pass until a week before the con thanks to an eBay auction. I was highly impressed with the Seaport Boston as they were a very accomdating hotel with a friendly staff that helped me (and were very understanding) of a financial debacle that arose during the weekend there. Our room was on the topmost floor with an incredible view and was very spacious. It had a Kuerig, – I’ve always wanted to use one! – a huge bathroom, a gigantic bed, and a nice television. There was also free wi-fi which was a huge bonus. The elevators were very speedy. The hotel was also very quiet which is always a plus for me since some convention hotels can be so very noisy in the wee hours of the morning (Animazement, especially for some reason).

After I arrived, I mostly stayed in the hotel room because it was nearly 7 pm before I even checked in. This was due to poor flight planning, but I have learned from that experience for if I ever plan a flight again. I eventually got dressed, hopped in a cab, and headed over to the Gamers Gone Wild party being thrown by I had heard about this party from years past so I was excited. I wore a black mini skirt, pink chiffon top, and my highest black stilitteos. I arrived to a long line of casually dressed gamers and immediately felt over dressed. However, the Royale Nightclub began choosing individuals from the crowd that they felt were dressed appropriately for their venue. I was chosen. This created a huge problem as they turned away so many of the guests that were there for the event, which was also a charity party trying to raise money for Child’s Play. There were very little gamers there while the nightclub was taken over by Bostonites that looked straight out of the Jersey Shore. We even asked a bouncer if we could get back in if we left out considering we were VIP for the Gamers Gone Wild party in which he exclaimed “No. No one is special here. This is the hottest club in Boston!” To which I replied “I don’t care if this is the hottest club in the country.” I was Royale-y pissed off at the treatment of the GWW party. I would not recommend the Royale Nightclub for anything. Despite being a nice venue, they don’t know how to treat people.

swag from the Gamers Gone Wild Party

Me and Alexis, Fall 2011 Cadette

So, we left the Nightclub and ran to get a taxi. I ruined my shoes to only be told that we could walk to our next destination: Rumor. Venue of choice for the 1 year Anniversary Party. This was where the majority of our friends were so I was excited to see all the Frag Dolls, Cadettes, and various other industry folks that I have met within the past year. But, alas, this was not our night. We were stopped by the bouncers saying we were not on the list. Blasphemy! We whipped out our smartphones to show them our invites in our emails, but that was not good enough for them. Atleast it was not enough for them when it pretained to us, three African Americans, because I watched as several other people used this method to get in. This caused an argument between me and one of the bouncers who was so rude when I asked them to check their list again since we were showing them our invitations. We then spotted our Ubisoft crew and hurried over to them as the bouncer stared daggers into our backs. Finally, former Frag Doll Brooklyn came to our rescue and got us in the club so we can expericence what was an amazing, insane party.

There was a photo/video booth where my Cadette sister, Alexis, and I had a ton of fun in. We also danced on the stage and in the crowd. We ran into all the Frag Dolls and Cadettes which was awesome, danced with our favorite guy Swoozie; got lap dances from drunken partiers; and just had such a great time. I can honestly say Gamers throw the absolute best parties.


The night ended with some “New York” styled pizza and literally freezing as we ran through the streets of Boston on an elusive hunt for a taxi. By the end of it I was barefoot, wrapped in a friend’s jacket, and shouting that I would pay any cab driver $100 just to take us to our hotel. We eventually landed one after what seemed like a grueling two hours.

The second part of this report will be up on WEDNESDAY and will tell you how much I enjoyed PAX East and, surprise, Anime Boston!

Picture Alexis took that is burry, but, for some strange reason,

I am incredibly in love with it. From the World of Tanks party.


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