Pink, Sparkly Zombie Apocalypse – Lollipop Chainsaw Most Anticipated Game

I just got back from PAX East and Anime Boston! It was such a great weekend and I really enjoyed being at PAX. Although I played the demo back at PAX Prime in Seattle, I stalked the Lollipop Chainsaw booth again because it truly is my most anticipated game this year. I’ve always been such a fan of quirky, Japanese titles. Suda51 is probably one of my favorites only because he’s the genius behind No More Heroes, one of my top ten favorite video games ever. Since I’m an ex-cheerleader, LolliChain drew me in first with featuring a cheerleader protagonist. Throw in a chainsaw, some zombies, and pink hearts and you have a game that was made specifically for me.

I have pretty much bookmarked any and everything that has to do with this video game. Between it and Gravity Rush, June is going to be a great month for me and Japanese video game titles!

When the downloadable costumes were announced, I became even more excited. Anything that gives me several costume choices is A-OK with me. Some of the costumes are questionable (like the bikini and the latex, S&M pink catsuit with plunging neckline to the crotch. WTF), but other’s are awesome (giant bunny suit and costumes paying homage to other zombie properties like Evil Dead and Highschool of the Dead).

OF COURSE, I want to cosplay Juliet. I can’t let a cheerleading zombie slayer pass me by! I look forward to making the costume and getting the game when it releases this June.


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