Brawl At The Beach – fighting game tournament

The various video game fight clubs around the country always make me jealous. They’re usually in cities far from my southern town with a variety of fighting games, awesome people, and healthy dose of competition. So yesterday when I was told about Brawl At the Beach, a game tournament held in Myrtle Beach, I decided to go check it out.

I was not dissapointed.

Held at the Kono Lounge, this is the second Brawl at the Beach. Entering the venue space was entering into a trendy nightclub complete with a stocked bar, flashing lights, a giant disco ball, and comfortable lounge furniture. Televisions above the bar showed the matches that were being held on the second floor. A giant screen behind the DJ showed another match. I thoroughly enjoyed this set up as it allowed for movement and ability to see matches clearly without viewing over the shoulder of the competitors.

The DJ spun a variety of music including popular hits and various video game, dubstep remixes which was difficult to hear on the second floor. However, the second floor had even more gaming going on as people played games such as Blazblue, Super Smash Brothers, Ultimate Marvel versus Capcom 3, and Soul Calibur V casually.

Some curious people not really involved with the tournament wandered in throughout the night and were really interested in the event, especially the cosplayers. It was fun answering their questions.

Despite some technical difficulties, I thought the tournament went really well. I was excited to be there and had an absolutely wonderful time. Hopefully Myrtle Beach will continue to have events such as this one to satisfy me without having to travel tremendously far for my gaming event fixes, like I did with E3 and PAX Prime.


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