Costume Creation – Chun Li from Street Fighter

When I was a little girl, the only character I ever used when I played Street Fighter was Chun Li. I would constantly choose her despite the groans that whoever I was playing would emit. I picked her based solely on loving to use her kicks…and because she looked absolutely cool. I wanted to be Chun Li when I was in elementary school (I also wanted to be the Pink Ranger and Sailor Moon). Now that I cosplay, I’m finally able to be Chun Li.

I actually have put off being Chun Li for quite some time. There were many moments in the past where I had considered doing Chun Li, but I wanted to be confident in my skills enough to pull her off. Then I wanted to cosplay Cammy because now I am confident in my skills AND in my body. I wanted to make a thong costume. However, the only convention that I think I could get away with prancing around in a costume is Dragon*Con. So, I probably will cosplay Cammy. Just not right now.

I cosplayed Juri over a year ago. With plans to also cosplay Cammy in the near future, it is finally time to cosplay one of the most recognizable characters in the gaming world. Chun Li. I love her. I do not use Chun Li anymore if I happen to play Street Fighter, but that does not stop me from wanting to really do her costume. This is my second costume for PAX East – the other being Natasha Drake.

The Pattern:

There are several Cheongsam/Qipao patterns on the market. However, all of them must be heavily altered to become Chun Li. I’ve become a semi-pro at modifying patterns now. It’s one of the things that I am most proud when it comes to costuming.  No matter how awesome I feel I am at modifying patterns, it’s still great when they do not have to be altered too much. The most that will need to be done with these patterns for Chun Li is the high slits up the sides and the shape of the back. Also, the sleeves. I will be using the sleeve pattern that I used for my Alice costume to get Chun Li’s poofy sleeves. I’ll be drawing the sleeve band myself so that it is accurate to Chun Li’s.

The Hair:

I will be wearing a wig with this costume although a lot of individuals tend to use their own hair. I will be using Arda Wigs “Chibi”, their high pontyail wig (in black). I will not be cutting or heavily restyle the wig. I will simply put the ponytails into knots.

The Spike Bracelets:

The part I’m most excited about is the bracelets! I will be making them myself. Using thick foam, I will cover it black vinyl and make a ring that is tight enough to not slide around too much. I will be buying  a bag of Giant Tree Spikes from Hopefully they will make it through airport security.


5 responses to “Costume Creation – Chun Li from Street Fighter

  1. Did you ever make the outfit? I don’t see anything else about it here on your site. I would absolutely LOVE to see how it came out, especially since I’m going to be making my own soon for Anime Expo! I’m so nervous, since this is going to be my first ever self made cosplay, and I’m still kind of new to sewing.

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