Costume Creation – Fem!Nathan Drake from Uncharted 3

A “new” feature on this blog will be Costume Creation, a place where I can discuss upcoming costume and hopefully post some progress pictures whenever they get started! PAX East + Anime Boston are quickly approaching. I would like to have at least one costume for each of these conventions. My Anime Boston costume is already chosen, but I was a little confused about what to wear for PAX East.

Even though there are several gaming related costumes that I would like to do there are varying factors that keep me from doing them. One of the big things is that I will be flying to PAX. This means the costume that I make has to be able to be packed and also make it through airport security. That means no guns. I like prop guns. I’ve used them a lot. And most of the characters I like use guns. So, I wanted a character that could actually work without the guns.

Therefore, Female Nathan Drake was born (in my head).

I oftentimes hate genderbent costumes. Women go to the absolute extreme to make their costumes as slutty as they can, pushing the limits of what is actually allowed at a con. To me, this completely ruins the character. A majority of the time I can not picture the female version of whatever character wearing so little or being absolutely skanky. It all reminds me of the Sexy No Jutsu era of cosplay where all Naruto characters were redesigned into the most slutty version possible.

Crossplay was my answer to this. I refused to potentially ruin my favorite characters by turning them into slutty women.  I still crossplay. There are lots of males that I will be potentially making next year including Generator Rex and WilyKat from the new Thundercats.

When it came to Nathan, however, I had a really cute idea that still kept the very essence of Nathan Drake but had a touch of femininity. The only thing changing in Nathan’s cover outfit for Uncharted 3 is the hairstyle and the shoes.

Of course I will be unable to take a gun, but I feel that the outfit will still be known with or without a gun.


I do worry that it will be lost in translation from male to female. Nathan Drake is a popular character, but his outfit is rather simple. It’s all about the accessories that pull it together.

The Hair: For my costume I will actually be using a low, braided, pigtail wig that I have been eyeing forever from Arda Wigs. I was going to get the wig when I cosplay Cammy (which I still will be doing sometime next year). It’s just such a fun wig. I used to wear braided pigtails to highschool all the time. I always tried to be myself with my wardrobe back then so I wore things I knew no one else would. 🙂 I feel like Female Nathan would wear braids. It’s very Lara Croft-esque. To not have exact Lara hair, however, I decided two braids are better then one.

The Shoes: Female Nathan Drake would probably wear more comfortable shoes then I plan to, but would she be a great feminine version if she did not wear heels? Of course not! I will be wearing heeled boots similar to Nathan’s. Personally, Nathan seems like he’s running around in Timberlands if you ask me. Lucky for me, Timberland always seems to carry women’s boots that have heels. I have always wanted a pair, but just never got them. To the left is a pair randomly found through Google.

Another shoe idea would be the knee high (calve high?) women’s boots. My sister owned a pair before and I really loved them. I think they would be cute for a Female Nathan. I would wear my pants in my boots. The only problem with this pair is…they aren’t heels! And I sure do love wearing heels in and out of costume.

I am excited for this costume and hope that I actually complete it. My next step is to name her. Because surely her name can not be “Nathan”. Nicole? Nancy? Natasha? I really like that last one. Natasha Drake. Hmm, I think that shall suffice.


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