“Conquers All” – Jacob/Renesmee Fanfic

So what if I like sparkly vampires? If they inspire me to actually get to creative writing again then that’s a good thing. I have not been inspired to write anything original for the past two or so years so I turned back to something I used to do in middle and high school: fanfiction.

I love fanfiction because it allows you to take the characters you love and manipulate them in anyway that you want. It is always hard to find good fanfiction, but I have several that I have saved over the years from my various fandoms that have always struck a chord with me.

One such fanfic is Russian Roulette, a pretty awesome Harry Potter fanfiction dealing with Sirius, James, Lucius and the older characters in Communist Russia. When I read this years ago, I was completely enthralled. It’s beautiful. Wonderfully written. It is a gem in a world of terrible fanfics. A good fanfic is always hard to find. The author has written other great fanfics as well.

Another fanfic I pretty much loved (because I am secretly a Yaoi, slash fangirl) is Fighting Dreamers, a Naruto fanfic featuring Kakashi and Iruka slash.  Although not as well written as other fanfics I have read, I loved the story and just how the writer handled the characters.

It is safe to say that the fandoms that I most read and wrote fanfics for were Harry Potter and Naruto. I have several Harry Potter fanfics under my belt and some Naruto ones. Actually, I found my old Fanfiction.net account which only has two Harry Potter stories. To think I was only thirteen and such a geek! There is no way to get into the account which kind of saddens me…

So, recently I have been working on a Twilight fanfic. Breaking Dawn’s imprinting scene inspired me enough to write. That scene changed my views on the Jacob/Renesmee coupling and, now, it probably is my favorite.


Conquers All has not taken much shape yet. I think I know where the story is going, but I have no clue what I want the length to be. Not only do I not want to write a book length fanfic that is unable to be published for monetary gain, but I also do not know where to publish it so that it gains a readership. I used to only write fanfics for myself, but I certainly would love to share this with other Twilight fans. Harry Potter has several websites where fanfiction can be shared, like Fiction Alley.

I have about two chapters finished and it’s pretty much mushy, which is what I normally write. My fanfics are pretty much always Romance and a lot of the time they can be smut. I aim to make this one not smutty, but I will still add sex. It would not be a Jessi written fanfic without sex. 😉

Right now the story seems to be trying to decide what direction it is going to take. Renesmee gets a letter from the only other half vampire she knows, Nahuel, asking her to come visit him to learn more about what it means to be half immortal. Does immortality come at a price? Who has to pay that price? Can love conquer it? These are all questions that I aim to answer through the duration of this fanfic. Hopefully the story can be told in as little as ten chapters as I really do hate spending a lot of time writing something that is not my own work+characters. Sure, this is my own story, but the characters and setting belong to someone else.

I wanted to put an excerpt up from Conquers All here on my blog before looking for a good place to “publish” it for Twilight fans. Of course I have to finish it which I hope to do by the end of the year. I have some other fanfics in other fandoms (hint Harry Potter hint) that I really want to finish up. This is perhaps the only Twilight fanfic I have ever written. It’s the only plot that I have for Twilight that actually interests me enough to write it.

Without futher ado, here is a bit of Conquers All:

We walked over to the house, cheerfully talking to each other. I fell back and quickly dialed Jacob. I had given him a cell phone despite his protests. If he was home then he should answer.

After a few rings, he picked up and groggily muttered what sounded like a mix of hello and hey. Heylo. So cute. “Sorry to wake you, but the entire family is home again! Would love for you to come over later and chill.”

Jacob’s voice seemed to perk up, “Of course Nessie! I’ll be over later.”

“Awesome. See you then, love.” I clicked the end button and then hurriedly entered the house. I was always in awe at how beautiful the home was. All the glass windows allowed for such a gorgeous view of the surrounding forest. To think that I had been born in this house…that my father and mother had married here…that Jacob and I had many firsts here.

The house istelf seemed a playing character in our lives, an inanimate member of the family. So much of our lives were centered around this home and the forest. I could hear its imaginary heartbeat vibrating around us with intense, passionate emotion. How could we leave it when it was very much apart of us?

I entered the living area where my grandparents were settled in the cushy couches. Esme’s face lit up when I entered the room, “Renesmee! Darling child!” She cooed as I reached her, hugging her so tightly. I barely knew Renee, my mother’s mother. Esme, however, was a shining figure in my life whom I loved so much.

“Stunning as ever Bella and Renesmee.” Carlisle said, smiling his winning smile. I owed this man so much. I loved him.

This is from about halfway of the second chapter. Just wanted to give a little excerpt that wasn’t the very beginning nor the end of what I have written so far. I really can not explain how wonderful and refreshing it is to be writing this. It has been so long since I have just let my fingers glide across a keyboard to create word magic. Been so long since I have allowed myself to lose a bit of focus with career writing goals and just let loose. I’m really excited about this story regardless of how anyone else will feel about it.



4 responses to ““Conquers All” – Jacob/Renesmee Fanfic

  1. It sounds great and interesting, the excerpt. Recently I’ve just fallen for this couple, some spark hit me with the imprinting scene. So, on my quest to find a good fanfiction, this is so far one of the best I found. Hope you write, if you already did, I need a link. I’m desperate to read this after the excerpt, of course. 🙂

    • oh wow, thanks for your interest 🙂 I hope to get back to writing it very soon. I only have about two chapters done. I’m so meticulous about making this a good story because I love this couple so much.

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