Hauntingly Brilliant – The Woman in Black trailer

I can really never see Daniel Radcliffe as anyone, but Harry Potter. He has been Harry Potter for so long that to see him branch out into other films causes anxiety attacks. I want him to succeed. He will always have his loyal fanbase following whatever new project he decides to star in, but I want him to prove that he is more then just The Boy Who Lived.

When I saw the trailer for The Woman In Black attached to Breaking Dawn Part 1, I was captivated. I did not recognize my beloved Daniel and was more amazed when I discovered that it was him in the trailer. The movie looks incredibly dark and scary, just my type of horror film. It is certainly different then anything Daniel has done so far, even darker then the later half of the Harry Potter films. Could this movie be the one that makes or breaks Daniel? I certainly will be watching.

It is hilarious to see the internet make Harry Potter references in relation to this trailer 😀

I sure hope the movie does not disappoint. Although most people love slasher films, I feel that true horror is always surrounding a house and ghosts.


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