‘Breaking Dawn Part 1’ Incredible Start to the End


It all started in 2008. I was highly anticipating the first Twilight movie even though I had never read the novels. I quickly picked up the first book and devoured it, more anxious to see the film. Despite all the Twi-hate, I completely ignored it and fell in love.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 is, essentially, the first half of the final book by Stephanie Meyer. I was always against the decision to split the movies into two, following a trend started by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Unlike Deathly Hallows, Breaking Dawn (the book) did not seem to have nearly as much content to spread out over two movies. I still stand by being against two parts, but Part 1 was pretty good.

It was not without problems, however. First and foremost, the score was absolutely awful. During intense, critical, and dramatic moments the scroll trilled in the background with lightheartedness. It was very hard to feel emotionally when the music was so upbeat. During the climatic moments of the movie, however, the score finally decided to match the tone.

The movie used some horrendous cutting technique whenever someone carried on a conversation. It would cut back and forth between the character’s with a zoomed in shot of the face. This worked against the film more then anything else. There were only a few panned out shots, such as the boat zipping across the ocean to Isle Esme, but most of the time the camera seemed to depict everything in a boxy fashion that did not allow for the world surrounding them to take shape. It reminded me of reality tv, which is always more focused on the characters then their surrounding.
I, however, did not think the acting was as bad as many people claimed. Sure, Kristen Stewart still has not found a personality, but I thought everyone else did a great job. It’s not Oscar worthy acting, but it is good enough for a film whose major fanbase are teenage girls.

I felt that 80% of the movie dragged on endlessly. It was not exactly boring to me as a fan, but I can see where those who are not terribly invested in the series would have drooping eyes in a minute. Of course everything kicks up a tremendous notch when Bella begins to give birth and the Cullens, Jacob, Seth, and Leah must defend the home from Sam’s pack of wolves.

The birth scene was fantastic and gross. I felt they went all out with it and did not hold back. It was probably the most satisfyingly intense birth scene every captured in a movie. There is a reason birth scenes are rarely filmed: they’re messt and not at all pretty. This movie proves that.

A little into the credits, a scene with the Volturi rolls which I would have missed if my friend had not prompted me to stay. This is of course added so that it can lead into Part 2, which I am anxiously anticipating.

Here were my favorite scenes in Breaking Dawn Part 1:

  • Wedding preparation + the Wedding: For obvious reasons. I love weddings. I loved this wedding. It is now serving as the inspiration if I ever get married. Bella attempting to walk in her shoes was so cute. I did not, however, like their kiss moment. It was overly cheesy.
  • ‘Sex’ scenes: Again, for obvious reasons. They actually showed more then I expected, but no where near as much as other films show these days.
  • Jacob and the Pack on the Beach: Such a heartbreaking scene. The imprinted members of the pack were seperated from those that had not imprinted yet. I felt very most sad for Leah, who watched her ex-boyfriend Sam show tremendous amounts of PDA to his fiance, Emily.
  • Jacob imprinting Renesmee: This was by far my favorite scene and ridiculously cute. I always felt the book did a great job explaining the imprinting, but to see how the movie handled it was so great.


Jacob and his rag tag Pack, Seth and Leah

The Pack on the Beach in La Push

Jacob being stopped by Emmett before he attacks Edward. Basically, fellas, wrap it up.

Bella was the most hideous pregnant person I have ever seen


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