30 Before 30 – Fashion!

22. Rediscover my love for fashion

  • A couple years ago I pretty much lost any kind of ability I once had to put together cute outfits. Now, I really would like to start dressing up again.
When I wrote my 30 Before 30 Goals List, I was not kidding about attempting that list. It seems that number 22 hit me after some unlikely inspiration from a TV commercial.


Not only do I absolutely love Zooey Deschanel ever since I saw Tin Man, I loved the style in this video. My favorite outfit was the tealish blue cardigan with the matching shoes, ruffled top, and gray shorts. Everything shown in the commercial has this vintage, romantic look to it and that is exactly how I have wanted to dress for quite some time. Although I can not give up wearing jeans right now, I have always wanted to transform my entire wardrobe to only have dresses, skirts, and trousers with no denim in sight. This used to be my goal when I wore sweet lolita two years ago:

Me at Momocon in Metamorphose’s March of Ducks

Me out for lunch with a friend in Metamorphose’s Toy Box

Me getting ready to go shopping in Metamorphose’s Room Print

Me at Xcon 2010 in Angelic Pretty’s Angel Pony

Me at the mall with my friend Dre in Metamorphose’s March of Ducks

What remains of my lolita collection after trading and selling! 😦

When I was in college, I wore lolita every tuesday and thursday. I’d wear it to class, shopping, out to eat, whenever I was going that day. It was so fun and despite some reservations about wearing lolita in public when I first started, I actually got a lot of compliments on outfits when I wore them around campus.

When I wore lolita, I was confident (as you have to be to wear that in public!) and I knew who I was. Having this fashion identity crisis right now does make me long for the days when I pranced around in my frilly dresses. Moving back home impacted me dressing how I wanted tremendously as my family worries constantly about appearance and never liked me wearing lolita outside of conventions.

Dressing in lolita again will certainly make me happy however I have to become confident enough to wear it again. I do aim to buy at least one or two new lolita dresses in 2o12 if possible. I hope those dresses will be two of the Angelic Pretty dresses I have wanted for awhile: Starry Night Theater and Dreamy Doll House.

Starry Night Theater in Red and Dreamy Doll House in mint

SO, I do not know if this means my goal has been reached. Until I start dressing in sweet lolita again and maintaining a steady everyday wear of vintage + romantic looks, I have a lot of work to do to reach this goal. I’m excited to get started though! 


4 responses to “30 Before 30 – Fashion!

  1. This page has givin me so much hope. I have dark colored skin, and i would love to dress lolita…..but i don’t have the courage….its my goal too, to wear lolita someday. im slowly getting there. my best friend is a gothic lolita…i love her to death…and i strive to have her confidiance and bravery and her style. this page drove me to tears…i AM/WILL go out tomarrow to the mall.

    And i will buy the suplies i need.

    to be a lolita.

    i have the confidance and the hope and now…i can see the near dream.

    Thank You.

    Very Much.

    I know now that being a lolita is possible for an olive-skinned person like me. i dont need to be porcilian…or fair skinned.

    its about being yourself.

    Thank You.

    and i will always remember the courage you gave me.

    Thank You.

    from the bottom of my heart.

    Thank You.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words!!! I’m glad that you now have the courage to wear Lolita. It’s such a wonderful fashion that all should experience it if they so please. Creating outfits and being so passionate about them is the best part of Lolita. Wearing the styles out in public can be daunting at first, but ignore the naysayers and do as you please! I hope you will contact me with pictures of your first Lolita outfit because I would love to see it. Good luck!

  2. XD of course!! but…how do i deal with the other people at my school who think im copying them??? i really dont know what to do…

    • Copying them? It’s certainly not their fashion! But if they say something you can always say that they inspired you, but you researched it all on your own to find out would it actually work for you or not

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