30 Before 30 – PART 2

Here is the second part of my goals. 🙂 Sorry for my absolute laziness and no pictures. Blame it on trying to do multiple tasks at once.

16. Go indoor skydiving 

  • or outdoor skydiving. I’m not picky.

17. Visit a Renn Faire 

  • May actually have a chance to do this very soon thanks to a Renn Faire in North Carolina.

18. Finally complete Crimson Petals and the White

  • probably my favorite book that I sorta read in undergrad. I have yet to read the book in full although I really liked what I have read.

19. Complete A Song of Ice and Fire

  • currently on A Clash of Kings.

20. Drive cross country 

  • I told myself that if I moved to San Francisco I will take the time to drive there. I mean it.

21. Attend a Broadway play 

  • This was what we talked about wanting to do the most when we were in NYC last.

22. Rediscover my love for fashion

  • A couple years ago I pretty much lost any kind of ability I once had to put together cute outfits. Now, I really would like to start dressing up again.

23. Hit 3000 followers on Twitter 

  • Hey, a girl can dream can’t she.

24. Have a Disney resort vacation 

  • I’ve been to the Magic Kingdom about 6 times, Hollywood Studios back when it was MGM twice, and the other two (Epcot and Animal Kingdom) one time a piece. I have never, however, had an entire Disney Resort experience.

25. Buy my first car

  • my current car is one my parents got me for my sixteenth birthday. I have been wanting to buy my own for about two years now.

26. Sign into XBL/PSN 30 consecutive days 

  • this would actually mean that I need to have a steady internet connection…

27. Get a puppy

  • specifically a Pomeranian that i can name Roxas
28. Make more then four costumes in one year
  • right now I pretty much average four costumes a year, one for each “season” I guess. I would atleast like to push the limit to 5-8.
29. Run the Amazing Race
  • I probably shouldn’t put this here as I have had numerous conversations with family that they would never run the Race with me because I’d through tantrums.
30. Get Married
  • I hesitate to put this here because, quite frankly, this is not that important for me to do before I’m 30. I am so focused on myself and my career goals that a guy might not want to put a ring on it right now. However I’m still a girl and I still dream of my wedding. Maybe (or maybe not) it will happen 🙂

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