30 Before 30 – Goal’s List PART 1

My lovely Cadette sister Frances was talking about her 2011 Goals List. I’m incredibly inspired by her as she is crossing off quite a bit from her list.

Although I would like to keep yearly goals, I know that I think in long term goals. I recently turned 24 and there have always been goals that I wanted to reach before I turn 30. As i creep towards being ‘over the hill’ – or so it seems – I have made a list of 30 goals that I would like to attempt to do before I turn the big 3-0.

1. Finish college

  • YAY, I am a college graduate. Although I have already completed this, I included it on the list because it has also been a very important goal to me.

2. Complete a Fiction Novel

  • I have several unfinished manuscripts. I would like to actual finish a novel before 30 and publish one before I kick the bucket.

3. Vaction in Vegas

  • I’ve never been so it would be super fun. I think I would save this for my 30th birthday.

4. Study at Oxford University

  • I missed my opportunity to study at Oxford back in college and it is one of the moments I greatly regret in my life. Here’s to hoping I can at least take a class or visit the University before 30.

5. Visit another country not in the Americas

  • Top choices are England and Japan.

6. Get a tattoo

  • This all depends on my career path because I totally just want tattoos were they are visible. I would love the Assassin’s Creed logo on my left wrist and Data Ports from Ghost in the Shell on the back of my neck.

7. Get more piercings

  • Microdermals in my back, please.

8. Get a job doing what I love

  • Such a huge goal for me. I need a job, no, a CAREER doing what I would love. Writing within the gaming or film industry (or both!) would be ideal.

9. Start and finish my dream costume

  • Ashe’s wedding dress from Final Fantasy 12 has been my dream costume since the game released.

10. Win a costume award

  • and, you know, actual competing in a contest.

11. Attend a film festival

12. Attend San Diego Comic Con, E3, and Dragon*con

  • These three conventions/events have always been on my MUST ATTEND list. I was lucky enough to knock out E3 and Dragon*Con in one year. Looking at you, Comic Con!

13. Learn more about photography

  • I have way too many hobbies at the moment to take on another, but I would absolutely love to learn photography

14. Fill a sketch book with art: horrible or good

  • This is absolutely important to me as I haven’t drawn anything since before high school. Been far too long! I plan to get a sketch book very soon.

15. Move out of my hometown

  • I have technically already done this during college, but I want to move further away!

15a. To San Francisco, California – BIG GOAL. I would love to move to California in general, but San Francisco is ideal

15b. To North Carolina on a lake – I’d pretty much settle to live on Lake Norman in North Carolina, which is about 19 miles from Charlotte.


Stay tuned for PART 2!


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