Back from Dragon*Con 2011!

On September 1st I made my way to Atlanta, Georgia for my first Dragon*con. I have wanted to attend for five years. After hearing all the great things my friends said about last years convention, I decided that I would finally make my way to the convention.But getting to Dragon*con is not an easy feat. Oh no. One must plan up to a year ahead of time just to be able to get a coveted hotel room in one of the five – yes, FIVE – host hotels. After an emotional attempt at getting a room at the Marriott, which ended in failure, I decided to room with my friend Chaka! Best decision ever. Our room was pretty chill and comfy.

Surviving the convention badgeless was a chore, but I had a good time nonetheless. Thursday I toured four of the five hotels with Johnathan and Erica. Afterwards, I went out to eat at Daddy D’z with Adam, Stef, and Cass. Immediately after eating, Cass and I people-watched in the Hyatt. We had a perfect spot to watch people come off the escalators. Even though it was Thursday, people were already in costume and the convention seemed to be in full swing.

Friday I wore my Litchi (Blazblue) costume in the morning and my Baby Doll (Sucker Punch) later that afternoon. Surprisingly, Litchi was my most popular costume of the entire weekend. I did have a major costume malfunction after someone stepped on my skirt, but, other then that mishap, I enjoy being Litchi and look forward to redoing the wig.

Me as Litchi with an amazing Batman and Joker!

I had a photoshoot in Baby Doll with Ryen of Project K. Even after being a cosplayer for many years, I’m not too fond of the camera or photoshoots. This is probably my only “official” photoshoot. I still only wanted a few pictures so the shoot was quick. I am very satisfied with the results! Ryen is a great photographer!

By about late Friday evening, I was feeling quite tired and emotional. Everyone was off doing their own thing. I was wandering around alone. I had only a day of rest between PAX and Dragon*con. Super tired by this point. So, I found a place to perch in the Atrium level of the Marriott and just watched people. I found myself returning to this spot throughout the weekend.

Saturday, I rushed to get to the Dragon*con parade. Yes, Dragon*con has a freaking parade. I’m not just talking about just costumes either. The parade had vehicles, floats, a band, etc. The costumes in the parade were amazing and it seems all of Atlanta, not just D*con attendees, come out to watch the parade. Costumers were grouped together according to series, genre, or group. I think I teared up at the parade because it was such an amazing thing for a convention to have.

After the parade I changed into my Alice from Madness Returns. I think because there were quite a few Alice cosplayers walking around that this was my least liked costume. If there is one thing I learned about Dragon*con costumes is that revealig, quirky, or elaborate costumes definently get the attention. The costumes at Dragon*con were on a whole nother level then what I think I can produce. All weekend I kept thinking about what I wanted to do next year to step my game up!Saturday night I walked around the convention with my roommates.

The con is known for getting a little raunchy at night. It is one of the reasons I shied away from it in the past. Not that I’m a prude, but I was just having anxiety about what I’d see. The most raunchy stuff I saw was probably on Saturday night. A lot of people were wearing thongs which is no biggy for me as I’m about to do that myself with my Cammy costume. I did see gals walking around with just stickers on their nipples, but that was probably the most revealing that I personally saw. Apparently someone had a cape with dildos all over it. All I can say is pics or it didn’t happen.

The crowd in the Marriott on Saturday afternoon

Sunday was relaxing. I spent the majority of the day alone, slept in late, and didn’t get dressed in Alice until about 3 pm after watching Hot Fuzz. At some point in the day I went back upstairs. Chaka and Shivani were getting dressed in their Power Rangers outfits. I swear they couldn’t walk an inch without getting pics when they went downstairs! Good job ladies!

We left around 8 on Sunday. Our ride home was filled with Disney songs and Barney. Life is complete.

Dragon*con was certainly an expierence and I can not wait to jump into the madness that is getting a hotel room for next year. I loved the Marriott but the elevators were hell. I will probably attempt to room with Chaka again if she’ll have me. I would like to walk in the parade next year. What I’ll be wearing, I have no idea. I do want to start working on Dragon*con costumes like yesterday. I am thinking about Storm from the Xmen anime and probably Tiana from Princess and the Frog as being my big projects. I want to start them soon, however.

My next costume is Cammy from Street Fighter. I will be making my Cadette sister, Alexis, a Chun Li costume! I guess we will try to wear them together at PAX East! I will also be working on Catherine from the Atlus game and Blue Rose from Tiger & Bunny. Expect an MLP costume from me for Katsucon!

And now, some of my favorite pictures from Dragon*Con 2011! 
Wonder Twin powers ACTIVATE
Loki from Thor
Steampunk Daft Punk!
Dr. Doom!

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