>Harry Potter London Premiere – my thoughts

I was incredibly happy to tune into the Harry Potter live premiere. These books and movies have been apart of my life since I was 12, which is nearly 12 years ago (I turn 24 in August). I have been to countless midnight book releases, midnight movie showings, collected the books in both paperback and hardcover, have harry potter figures, lots of HP tshirts, cosplayed from the books, wrote HP fanfic, shipped characters that shouldnt have been shipped, followed every step Dan, Emma, and Rupert have taken in their careers, collected all the movies on DVD, visited Wizarding World of Harry Potter…


I’m not trying to make it seem like i’m the BIGGEST Harry Potter fan (as there is a video on youtube of the biggest fan that begs to differ), I am just trying to show how this series has been in my life and I love it. The books and its wonderful author have been an inspiration in my own writing and I aspire to create something as worthwhile as this. Because its not really about all the money that has been made, but about the passion the series ignites in its fans. The appreciate they all have for the series. The love. ~by ButerflySamurai

“Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home” – JK Rowling London Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere


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