California knows how to Party: First Time At E3 [2011]

>Recently I was lucky enough to attend the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California with Ubisoft, the Frag Dolls, and my fellow Cadettes.

It was the most incredible adventure.

While I have stewing away in the pot of boredom that is South Carolina, my week in LA gave me a glimpse of what my life could be life if I could successfully turn my dreams into a reality. Having met so many people that have managed to do this and inspired me, I am only more determined to get away from this small town and attempt greater things.

E3 was an amazing event, a beacon of light. Albeit a trade show and not a convention like I’m used to, E3 blew all other events I attend away in a fierce gust. Animazement, the last anime convention I attended about a week before I left for E3, was a sad, sad disappointment. It was the epitome of what is wrong with anime conventions.

Going to E3 after a fail convention restored my hope in the fact that Ivcan have fun at events. The two can not be compared, but it is going to take quite a bit for me to have fun at a convention after attending such an incredible event.

And it isn’t just the event that made the entire trip successful. It was the people that I surrounded myself with. By Thursday night – a little late in my trip if you ask me – I had transformed myself from the quiet, observant person I am to enjoying the company of the Frag Dolls, Cadettes, and the associates. I met so many incredible people throughout the week and things can only go up from here as I attend more gaming related events and meet even more people – in the industry and out (regular gamers).

To Esky – Thanks for being such a wonderful roommate! I cant believe we’re worlds away on different coasts. Till next time, then!

To Jon – It was wonderful working Trackmania 2 with you (and kicking you off when someone wanted to play)! Hopefully we can hang out more if we ever get to events again together

To Cadettes – you’re all so wonderful…gah, i miss you ALL. Please lets all get together again soon.


I wish I was able to go to PAX Prime, but I will be at MLG Raleigh to hopefully network and meet more gamers. I will be at PAX East even if it kills me.

So what exactly went down at E3?
I mostly worked at the Ubisoft booth demoing games such as Trackmania 2, Driver San Francisco, and Rocksmith. During my breaks, I ran around the show floor like a lioness on the prowl, hunting down all the games that i could play in short spurts. I got to play games such as: Dead Island, Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, Street Fighter vs. Tekken, Inversion, and many more.

Nights at these events are where its at though. After everyone unwinds from the hectic days, many parties happen at night. On tuesday night was the Frag Dolls party at the LA Exchange. This was such an epic party and i had fun dancing the night away with many Cadettes and PMS Clan members. Wednesday night I went to sleep early, but Thursday night was a glorious adventure as I went to a bar called the Golden Gopher for the Game Devs meetup (went there TWICE), the World of Tanks penthouse afterparty, and Club Suede.

E3, however, is first and foremost a trade show event. Therefore it is not exactly like a standard, “open-to-the-public” convention. I likened it to an amusement park. People are there to work mostly and those that are attending are park attendees. They must wait in lines for hours for a few minutes of fun by playing the games. The booth babes are like costumed characters at amusement parks.

This is certainly an event I’d like to attend again.


3 responses to “California knows how to Party: First Time At E3 [2011]

  1. Aww, giiiiiirl, thank you for the shoutout.
    I’m so glad we got to hang out!
    Can’t wait to see you again at another event.

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