>Sucker Punch Animated Shorts – Move Over Animatrix…or not!

>Instead of linking all three of these my Facebook page (and continuously spamming everyone that has friended me over there), I compiled all three animated shorts into this blog entry. Now I can talk about them as well as drool over them.

Three animated shorts have popped up today to accompany Sucker Punch, which releases tomorrow March the 25th.

While the source where I found the shorts recommends them for viewing after the movie, I could not help but to view them prior. I, of course, am ready for my Sucker Punch fix despite all the grueling and horrible reviews floating around about it. After waiting on a movie for a year or so, I will watch everything pertaining to it and defend it in anyway possible.

After watching the three shorts, I don’t think viewing the movie first is absolutely necessary. If you’ve seen the trailer a couple of times (or a couple hundred like myself) then each of these shorts adds to familiar elements that are in the trailers. They do not spoil anything about the plot – or lack thereof according to reviewers – about the movie. If anything, they just try to add on to the portions of the movie and may enhance the viewing of it, considering these little back stories will not be in the feature length film.

Each short takes place in a different level of Baby Doll’s mind – ala Inception, but probably not as good. Having not seen the movie as of yet, I am unsure if the level of her imagination (minus the Brothel of course) is the correct order the videos are in, but I managed to put them in the order other sources have them in.

Animatrix is one of my favorite things on this planet! It was such a successful addition to the Matrix trilogy and is better to me then one of the movies in the trilogy. Animatrix utilized different directors and art forms for the majority of its animation which is something these Sucker Punch shorts did not do, but I really enjoyed this shorts. I think they all evoked the same emotion from me and were more similar then they are different, which does not put it on the level of the Animatrix as an animated accompaniment to a film. I found them enjoyable nonetheless.


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