Protect your network: Summer Wars reaction!


Watching this movie was something of an accident, atleast the way I found it was.

It doesn’t take much to atleast interest me to check something out. I saw someone cosplay from this movie while looking at Katsucon pictures and then a friend tweeted that he had brought the movie at a convention. Then, my coworker asked someone to go buy his copy of the movie. By the time I got to Best Buy to buy a copy for myself, there was only one left. I was intrigued.

I am SO glad I brought this movie.

Summer Wars is about a girl, Natsuki, hiring Keiji to be her pretend fiance at what appears to be a family celebration for the 90th birthday of her grandmother. There is a large, virtual world called Oz which is pretty much runs everything since everyone is online and connected to it in some way. To not spoil too much, Oz goes haywire and cause many MANY problems.

I am quite unnerved that the review I happened upon while preparing to write this reviewed the movie a bit.negatively. the movie was STUNNING – a visual symphony. Especially Oz, but even the real world was animated very well in my opinion. The story had me captivated from beginning to end as it begin to evolve besides its preliminary simple plot. It begin to encompass more then just Keiji and showed the dire situation they were in. The movie rarely left the house or Oz, but the two settings provided enough to keep me interested the entire time.

Many think Keiji took a backseat as the main character. I feel like this is true, but also that it evolved into something far greater then him. It’s also such an assumption that Keiji was the “main” character. Sure the movie followed him a bit more then others, but even the DVD boxart doesn’t have Keiji front and center. It has him standing with the others and off to the side. This movie is more then just main characters and sub characters. It’s about embracing unity and working together.

I can not wait to watch this film over and over – also can’t wait to get mg paws on the special features. I’m so happy that I watched this movie!

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