>how important *is* that gamerscore

>-so, what’s you’re gamerscore?
-…around 500
-*blank stare*

So, yeah, my Xbox gamerscore is “low”. I find myself launching into reasons as to why its low when people ask about it. I’ve had my Xbox Elite for about a year. Before that I had an Xbox that I “lost” in a breakup (i got the Wii instead). I play my Wii, DS, and PSP way more then my Xbox because the games are a bit cheaper and I’m on a budget.

I just recently got PS3 and I do not feel some immense pressure to get trophies. But I feel like I need to get achievements…

This is probably starting to make games a little less fun for me. I rather like playing my other consoles and don’t want to ditch playing them or buying games for then because I opt to get a 360 game. I’m sure noone else does this, however, and I’m just being overdramatic as usual.

The next games I probably get will not even be on the 360. Pokemon Black/White is for the DS and Dissidia 012 is for the PSP.

Personally, I don’t think your gamerscore is an accurate account of whether you’re a “good” gamer or even a dedicated one. Across the web some people say they won’t play with someone that has a low gamerscore but you don’t really know the backstory to why its that way…and you don’t NEED to know. It’s not important.

Your high score could mean a lack of a social life, but I don’t judge you on that now do I 😉

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