>Best (and worse?) of Superbowl 2011

>To say I’m not interested in the game and just watch the commercials to appease those who hate football is not truth at all. I LOVE FOOTBALL. This was a really good game – too many turn overs however. Neither of the teams are any I am a fan of so congratulations Green Bay on the win!

The halftime show was the best I’ve seen in awhile despite Fergie’s performance. I absolutely loved Usher, but didn’t like the Tron vibe of the entire thing. Where were the light cycles when you needed them?!

But this is a movie-ish blog so let’s talk about the commercials and trailers that were shown.

As far as commercials, I did not really enjoy any of them. None sticks in my mind at all and I keep feeling like I missed something as people talk about the commercials. The Volkswagen Star Wars commercial was one I already saw and has been making the rounds on the internet before the Bowl so it did not wow me last night.

I watched a Pepsi commercial about a Black couple with the woman semi-abusing her significant other who then checks out a white woman at the end. The Black Woman then throws a Pepsi can that knocks the woman out. (commercial is named Love Hurts on YouTube). This one seemed to have some subliminal messages that I didn’t care for.

The Chrysler commercial with Eminen caught my attention. 1. I love Chrysler. 2. I love Eminen. 3. I LOVE “LOSE YOURSELF”

I remember every trailer that was played of course. They were basically what I waited around on commercial break for. I was surprised and excited to see a Super 8 trailer that was a little more then a teaser. I love monster movies and Super 8 seems like its shaping up to be a great movie to watch.

Thor continued to not impress me while Captain America was only So-so. I want to see both, but Marvel needs to step their marketing game up to get me hype it seems. I still want a dose of Green Lantern in my summer movies moreso then the Marvel properties.

Cowboys and Aliens looked even MORE fantastic. But, what can I say, I love alien movies (except Skyline…) Pirates 4 is just So-so to me as well. I never wanted my beloved movies to get a fourth movie but since Disney wants to continue with it i’ll watch it like a loyal fan.

All in all, slightly disappointed by the commercials and the trailers were only ok with Super 8 being my only surprise. The game, despite what people say, was way better then the commercials. Commercials are meant to sell and perhaps be entertaining. There was just a lot of poorly thought out ideas that did not grab my attention.

…although I do seem to desire a new car after last night…

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